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Love this difficulty description. As one of THOSE people who prefers playing on easier difficulties, I often feel like I should be ashamed of that. But life itself is challenging enough, you know? I play games to relax and indulge in a little escapism.


A Hat in Time is juuuust what the doctor ordered. Bright, cute, colourful delightfulness. I’ve instantly fallen in love with this game.


Bless XSEED. Their localisations are always a joy to read.


FFFFFFFFFFFFF-- Without thinking, in Dragon's Dogma, I sold my Eternal Ferrystone to the Masterworks All Guy, and didn't realise it until autosave had made it impossible to reload and get the stone back. Current status:


Dragon's Dogma is quite the treat! Having a grand time blowing up skellingtons and other assorted scary monsters and super creeps as a Sorcerer with exprosion magic/bakuretsu mahō. STRENGTH IN NUMBERS ARISEN


If you’re into visual novels, you really shouldn’t sleep on the Utawarerumono games. Don’t be put off by the silly name, the story is rich and full of excellent writing. Highly recommended!


I've always been one of Those People who kept enjoying Assassin's Creed, but still, Origins is surpassing my expectations in every way. Did NOT expect an AC game to remind me of The Witcher 3, but here it is. Probably the biggest surprise of 2017 for me.


I think it's pretty amazing South Park: The Fractured But Whole comes with The Stick of Truth as well. It's a Ubisoft game, but they're giving away a full game as a free pack-in, not even as a pre-order bonus. Sometimes Ubisoft does do nice things.


Happy Halloween, you creeps. Get spooked, or something!


60 platinums, wooo! Chaos;Child was a deliciously dark VN, very spoopy, although I have to agree with the criticism that it's comically long. Still, I enjoyed it enough to get the platinum. #TrophyToid


This year has been amazing for visual novels, it's got to be said. The amount of otome VNs on Vita pretty much doubled, and then you have gems like Danganronpa V3, Utawarerumono and Chaos;Child. I adore VNs, so I'd love to see this modest trend continue.


The Negative Delusion scenes in Chaos;Child are something else alright.


Really happy that Inazuma Eleven Ares is going to be Switch/PS4! Now, do I dare dream that this mysterious Shin Megami Tensei HD project is also going to be Switch/PS4...? Probably not, Atlus will probably crush my dreams, but STILL...!


A weird case for #TypoToid: The Dutch blurb on Akiba’s Beat’s back cover has what appears to be the Yugoslav flag (blue-white-red triband) next to it, instead of the actual red-white-blue Dutch flag.


Pretty noice haul, if I do may say so myself.


Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ, I think Valkyria Revolution beats MGS4 in terms of cutscene overload. I just counted 12 - TWELVE - cutscenes in a row without any gameplay in between. This is just excessive. I’m glad most devs have more restraint.


Yessssss. Really looking forward to a brand-new Science Adventure!


Spooky Scary Serethyns send sundry shivers shooting straight through swathes of spines


Utawarerumonokuma: Mask of Despair.


Sooo... I need to get some Danganronpa V3 spoilers off my chest. I’ll use spoiler tags in the comments, though, don’t worry...


Let’s goooooooooooo~


Klingon subtitles. That's really cute!




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