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Help! The dang Celebi quest in Pokemon go says I need 3 more friends? Anyone else here that hasn't added me yet?


Soooo...anyone ever seen Funky Forest? Can you please go to the 114 minute mark and tell me what you think? It's one of the most bizarre parts of a wholly bizarre movie.


The change from Final Fantasy 1, which I beat today to Final Fantasy 2 which I began today is very odd. So, no levels...and the stats increase oddly. Trying to figure it out. Area north of Fynn = imminent death...got it..


So...I remember listening to this jam on the radio when I was a kid. Looked it up years ago on youtube and thought it was a fan made AMV.....like whaaat? Matthew Sweet professed his love for Lum his waifu back in 1991...fucking trailblazer!


My new boss is pretty hot. If I wasn't married I would hope that she sexually harassed the hell out of me.


I play this enough, so mayb....wait...what? For 30 days? FFFUUUUCCCKKKKKK YYYOOOUUUU!!!!!


What if that one Night in Late December back in 63 NEVER ended? Owaranai(Japanese) Translation "It will not end". Owaranai! Late December back in 63.....There is nothing you can do for me, I am nuts Owaranai! I've had too much coffee...apologies.


Thicc Thursday y'all. Taking a break from my hyper sexed posts...since it landed me on hot water last time. #sorry? :P


Went ahead and preordered for Day 1 delivery on Amazon because 12.50 off retail price.


It's frustrating that there's no way to tag people on QPS so they see this. Occams and RiffRaff, I found a way to see and legally download every episode of Liquid Television. 2 words, Internet Archive!


Found this ad on another website. Like WTF does credit have to do with this pic? Also, anyone want to give this photo a good caption?


Listening to the Rurouni Kenshin soundtrack while I write a syllabus for my new class this year. This song pumps me up.


So...I just ran into this guy in Octopath. Was missing and barely hitting, then blam! He died and I leveled up like 3 fucking times. Liquid Metal Slime much? Pretty sweet.


So.....had to go to my old job to get some paperwork for my new job and they just gave me the hardest fucking time. This song was in my head the whole time.


First day at my new school was awesome. I feel really bad for the people who stayed in the sinking ship that is my old job.....


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