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Wish I hadn't missed the Secret Santa. Enjoyed it lots last year...


I wouldn't trade the Dtoid community for the world. We have a strange way of showing our love. As seen earlier, exhibit A:


Things are slightly beginning to get better....that said I don't want to get my hopes up just yet. Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement.


Long story short. Started a gofundme on FB since I'm too broke to afford my stepson the psychiatric treatment he needs. The support has been very positive. I may be in a better place mentally now....


Sitting here trying to work..trying not to get distracted...utterly depressed. Son dropped out of college a month ago, is severely depressed, somewhat suicidal. Trying to fix everything has made me broke as fuck..will be broke forever..trying to fix life.


I hear that casting Ryan Reynolds as Detective Pikachu has prompted the "screenwriters" to make some changes. Exhibit A.


Besides Feet Friday, Thicc Thursday is my personal weekly Christmas.


So I hear Jeff Goldbloom's Ian Malcolm appears in the new Jurassic Park? Hype intensifies.


Just went time travelling to Destructoid of Years past. Saw some people who aren't here anymore and some of the lifers out there. If you see a little red number on your disqus....well, like I said...Time Travel.


Just bought myself Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The lack of Giant Mecha make me slightly less enthused for it than Xenoblade Chronicles X, but it looks beautiful nonetheless. The 10 dollars Amazon Prime discount is always a deal maker for me.


Join me my friends. ID: 1007 7979 310


Happy Thanksgiving to all. Maybe I'll ignore the psychos I'm spending time with to hang out with y'all here.


So the question most of dtoid wants to know is: How did Admiral Ackbong's night go last....night? Did he get lucky?


Was this a parody or a serious article?


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