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Finishing my 69 videos behind schedule. Sorry. I'm basically not good at this. Redoing, probably overthinking. Will have up by the end of the week. In the meantime Creepy White Jesus is punishing me.


When you try to keep making plans with your wife but she continues to bail on you.


Using my electric toothbrush while I wish Occams a Happy Birthday.


Someone bent over near me with a short tiny skirt and their butt looked like a peach with undies.


Waiting to go home to put my limited video making skills to the test.


BR0AK3N NEWS: Konami's 2nd quarter profit gain strategy includes charging .50 USD each time you attempt to save the game.


Am going on 3 hours of generous sleep in the last 36 hours. Things are feeling a bit odd....btw those 2 asshole commentators in the Ice skating events...troll level GOD.


Happy Friday everyone. Don't worry, senpai notices all of you <3


Someone please put those qposts out of their misery!


Best series I've seen this month....also my reaction when I hear there's free food at my work.


Happy Hallmark Bullshit Holiday my friends! May your dicks, pussies, assholes, fingers, tongues, toes, armpits, nostrils, and earholes be moist and orgasmy today.


I'll bite. 2 girls, 1 cup.I mean 2 truths 1 lie. a) I once gave an awkward side hug to Nancy Pelosi b) I took a shit once while looking at 3 different countries, not maps but actually 3 different countries). c) Got tackled by Dennis Rodman's bodyguard.


"Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by destructoid." What the fuck is this shit?


Welp...found what to spend my amazon gift card on....


Man, lifehacker has the best articles these days....


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