DeS: Epic Games announces 2019 Fortnite World Cup
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Tite Kubo released a new One Shot manga called Burn the Witch. I remember when Bleach first came out in 2004 how fucking excited 24 year old me was. As the series continued I grew less excited because plot holes. Let's hope he doesn't fuck this one up..


Ok Seymour, this song was popular in my HS years but I only recently started liking it.


I'll be posting a RIP for Steve Ditko every day this weekend. Spiderman is my fave.


Hey kids, 4th of July tomorrow. With Trump I've been feeling VERY unpatriotic. That said:


Ein is getting drunk tonight after watching Uncle Drew. He's also working on that danged video this weekend. Fo' sho'.


I'm such a whore for my son's music. He made a video for his first song. Please give it a listen and a like if possible. I truly have no shame when it comes to my son.


I think I fixed it....or I'm baned....sorry. Anyways...on the son's music page.


Hi all. Visiting my grandma in PR. She's still alive at almost 92, but she's been struggling the last few years after a fall. Last year I visited fearing the worst, but even after Hurricane Maria while bedridden she's still here. :)


That Squenix video... Wet fart levels of disappoint.


Detroit Become Human: Fembot Sex Machine DLC Confirmed?


So, why are people posting all the Spiderman pics the last 24 or so hours?


Me at work as my last week here approaches. Sad/angry/sad/angry, like this cute little guy. Protip, don't let him near your nuts.


Found this on Crunchyroll. Did not expect to laugh so damn much.


Gogeta? Nah, Mr. ET is the best DBZ fusion.


You can tell Ein has drank some alcomohols when there's a waifu insta-boner every 5 seconds. Yes I'd fuck a cartoon, but it I want to be elaborate look at my more eloquent comment in this post.


I have a creepy uncle who works at Sony. Told me this was 100% legit.


Apparently Japanese fart scrolls are a thing?


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