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Real Talk here. So a new female co-worker was sexually harassed by two long time male co-workers in her first month at work. She showed me not only the emails they sent to her but the texts as well. When I confided in other guys who are my seniors(contd.)


Happy Friday my friends! Slightly NSFW in comments.


Happy Birthday Mike Martin. Don't celebrate too hard, lest your trout prematurely reach the reservoir.


This damn show...I thought it was gonna be crap....but man...I'm hooked. Some episodes hit a little too close to home...


Feeling old... Kids today have it good with the internet. I remember having to whack off to this back in the 90s. #Spicechannel


So far Y's VIII might be my favorite Y's of all time, and I love all of them. Those spike balls though....


Khalid Eternal Nigh....yes THPS had an awesome soundtrack, but I suuucked at the games. You know who had a solid soundtrack and I was half decent at? The SSX Games.


Hey guys, wanna help me troubleshoot? I sent an amazon digital code to my son at college for Cuphead. He says it won't install. Ideas?


I'm depressed, there I said it. I've been avoiding this place so I don't dreamweave it up (no offense Morpho). Things in Puerto Rico are pure shit right now and I've had enough with the passive aggressive racist comments at work.


Ein Update: -My family in Puerto Rico is going to be ok, thank goodness. -Enjoying Steamworld Dig 2. Mistakenly thought the Town song was Nujabes.The soundtrack is done by the Hotline Miami guy. -Almost Done with Xenosaga 3.Clearly the best in the seri


Sorry I haven't been around lately. This week has been trying. After 4 days I finally received news from my family in Puerto Rico. Many things are NOT ok in the island but my family is ok for the moment.


I hope Mario is secretly Homestar Runner's King of Town.


Due to searching for a gif to post earlier...I can't stop looking at Smash Bros Fatalities.


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