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Ever since facebook killed myspace and friendster, "social networking" sites have lost all their fun and thrill. Are there any other fun, less popular yet unique antisocial networking sites out there? Facebook has become a corny family site...


#Españoltoid Hoy estaré escribiendo todos mis QPs en Español porque me sale de los cojones. A ver qué gifs encuentro por ahí para celebrar Españoltoid. Los memes en Español por lo visto son unas porquerias....que mal...


Espero que todos tengan un buen dia. El mini Nintendo Direct de ayer tuvo muchas buenas sorpresas, pero Dark Souls no me gusta y se puede ir pa'l carajo.


I've really been enjoying playing Darksiders 2. Best PS Plus game in the last year.


Machop uses Double Slap. Snorlax was hit twice. Snorlax is confused.


A late newcomer to Twin Peaks. Catching up on season 2 so I can watch season 3 with my wife. Loving it so far.


I finally put discord on my phone. Haven't tried it in years.....confused on how to find Dtoid Peeps....


Merry Christmas ya buncha bastids. Best online siblinghood a guy could want.


Who found a shit-ton of my posts from 5 months ago and liked them? This guy:


My apologies to Wes and everyone for being so absent during X-mas. We've been getting our older son to outpatient psychiatric treatment this last week and it's been taking a toll on me energywise. Things seem to be ever so slightly improving...I hope.


So, is upvotebot a real person or what?


Just roasted a co-worker on a reply all email. 2017....the year I stopped caring.


Wish I hadn't missed the Secret Santa. Enjoyed it lots last year...


I wouldn't trade the Dtoid community for the world. We have a strange way of showing our love. As seen earlier, exhibit A:


Things are slightly beginning to get better....that said I don't want to get my hopes up just yet. Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement.


Long story short. Started a gofundme on FB since I'm too broke to afford my stepson the psychiatric treatment he needs. The support has been very positive. I may be in a better place mentally now....


Sitting here trying to work..trying not to get distracted...utterly depressed. Son dropped out of college a month ago, is severely depressed, somewhat suicidal. Trying to fix everything has made me broke as fuck..will be broke forever..trying to fix life.


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