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Quick question to you all, if you only had 2 choices would you pick someone who has an attractive face but a meh body, or a meh face but a bangin' body? P.S. Saitama is a total butterface but his butterface is still cute.


I've been playing games like it's my job lately. Which one of you guys is Gervaise on PSN? Thanks for liking like every single one of my accomplishments! :D


Been playing Nioh the last few days as well as RE2. Every time I think I'm getting good at Nioh....


Seeing as Borderlands 3 is the new Half Life 3, I remember hearing about a similar off world loot oriented outlaw FPS coming out in the future....I forgot the name....HELP!!?


Loved Onimusha on the Switch. Wonder what the chances are of getting the other games in the series in HD.


So, my son who has been getting better from depression tried to get in touch with his biological dad that he never met and the fucking asshole blocked him on facebook. What a piece of shit. Should have blocked his dick from sex if he was planning on#@%@%


My wife is forcing me to go to the store....probably because I have spent 17 of the last 22 hours playing Smash Bros. So far I've unlocked 52 characters.


Throughout all the struggles, highs and lows, and anxieties about my son's depression I also got the news that my grandmother passed away. At least she's not convalescing in a bed any longer. 2018 better suck less...


Brought my sketchbook to work today. Getting that Bayonetta drawing done for Dtoid Draws today. Hope I can do her justice. Did my last post get deleted?


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