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In the middle of 8 hours of parent teacher conferences and I have a laptop and few parents to see me. This, my friends, is Ein's AMA. Ask me anything, I need entertainment, and pulling out the Switch is too obvious. BUMP for my amusement.


Bushiden got fully funded and even might easily reach it's first stretch goal. That's one to add to my "to keep tabs on" list.


Finished Spider-Man recently but didn't platinum it because I'm currently consumed by Dragon Quest XI.....and Valkyria Chronicles 4.... Anyone know where to hunt/farm for metal slimes? So far in that ruin north of Gallopolis I have found some.


Chris Moyse's article on Let's Go pikachu and Eevee reminded me of the good ol' days of Game Informer (98-02). There was this editor named Jay Fitzloff The Gonzo Gamer who used to crack me up. Chris keep up the great work.


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What can I say? I come here for comments, stay for the articles. ;)

New to video game blogging, but seeing as there is a limited audience and limited information about things that I like, I think I can try my hand at writing about them.