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So the question most of dtoid wants to know is: How did Admiral Ackbong's night go last....night? Did he get lucky?


Wow....just wow. I want this spaz to be my friend.


Taking a break from grading papers....3 hours and counting.....well back to grading for 2 more hours....


I knew trying to kiss on the first date was a mistake....well off to class.


How my teenage sons see me when we go out to eat together.


When your privates itch but you don't want to be seen scratching with your hand.


Upon trying to find something clever for Sir. Churros' birthday I found some cringe ass garbage online. More images in the comments.


For some reason the USPS delivered my Mario Odyssey last night. I stayed up too late playing....new game on a Sunday....that's just plain evil...


Play this in your car loudly in the hood. Your street cred will go through the roof. #raptoid.


In my seemingly eternal wait for Mario Odyssey I find myself playing Madworld which I admittedly haven't touched since playing it for 5 hours straight on release day in 09. It still holds up and I'll probably finish it this time.


Fucking Amazon. If it wasn't because I got Mario Odyssey 20% off and Stranger Things Season 2 coming out tonight I would have cancelled my order. Fucking Tuesday.....


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