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How the fuck do you save in Steamworld Dig?


Sorry I haven't been around lately. This week has been trying. After 4 days I finally received news from my family in Puerto Rico. Many things are NOT ok in the island but my family is ok for the moment.


I hope Mario is secretly Homestar Runner's King of Town.


Due to searching for a gif to post earlier...I can't stop looking at Smash Bros Fatalities.


Real Talk: Flixist is like bizarro destructoid where many of the posters are jackasses. I thought they'd have a sense of humor (especially if your avatar is a cute doggie-rabbit thing), but DAYUM. They tried to put me in my place.


Fuck Hurricane Irma. I've been on facebook giving my family in Puerto Rico updates on the weather.


Xenosaga 2's combat sucks so hard....so fucking hard....I busted out my 2004 Game Shark...the shame...


Yup, I hate Xenosaga 2 as much as I remember. A stark shitty reminder of why the series ended up being cancelled. Let's take everything that made the 1st episode great and scrap it.


Probably gonna be broke forever because my son just left for college. Take me now Aranaktu!


After 20 years, I wanted this song to be....good...


Found a facebook page called "Creepy kids in advertising" and let me tell ya, some of those pics...LOL. Exhibit A:


Fuck the Titanic Monarch Zone act 2 in Sonic Mania and it's piece of shit fucking boss battle.


I see Undertale came out on the Vita recently. I know little to nothing about the game and have heard about the gross fandom. Still, I've always wanted to play it. Is it a good game, or is it all hype?


Current Status? I have to cut all my blue hair because I start working as a teacher again tomorrow. I'll miss my easy summer job.


Sonic Mania is the Post Genesis Sonic game I always wanted. So glad that they got it right. WHAT YEAR IS IT?


Anyone know when the Nintendo Store updates? I wanna download Sonic Mania ASAP. Do they update at midnight?


30 dollars for this wired Horipad Switch controller. Feels great to hold too...like my huge...ego.


When your son's girlfriend draws you for a commission and you pay her in Korean Hot Pot. Well here's the video. She's seriously good.


Went on Fox News to troll the comments section since it's seething with racists after today's incidents in Virginia. After 5 minutes I had to get outta there.


I would only wish Martin Freeman hugged me as tight as he's hugging that washboard. That is Martin Freeman, right? ;)


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