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So I leave for a few hours to watch Valerian and you goofballs fall apart? They even fired the Wookie? I guess many people got their wish. Ya bastards wasted your wish when instead you should have wished for a 3some with Cara Delevigne and Rihanna. Fools!


Lyle McDouchebag's unnamed Dtoid show should be called: Attack of the Choad!


I wish I still owned my PSP and copies of Metal Gear Acid 1 and 2. Fuckonami for not making these available on the PS Vita.


Splatfest is over and I lost the last five matches in a row so resting at 88 points I'll never find out what comes after Ice Cream Champion.....fuuuuck..


Slightly disappointed you don't get to keep levels and unlock stuff for the main version of the game. #splatoon2


Playing Splatoon 1 to train for Splatoon2. Some rounds I feel like a god and others like a scrub. I don't understand when you get 2 teamates with 200 points and 0 points. Do they get logged out or are they that bad?


Every time I log on here and see someone bitching and moaning about Destructoid contributors or asking for their firing. Seriously? Go away, you're harshing my mellow.


Anyone else participating in the Splatoon 2 Splatfest tonight? Team ice cream bitches! I'll be there. Friend Code:SW-8236-9787-4975


Man, 2017...when JonTron got convicted for murder.


Wes, When are we gonna eat them fuck'n tacos and where's the best place to meet? What the hell is our halfway point?


If anyone's shared this...sorry. Arby's wins again.


I go away for a few days and see a review for Oceanhorn....mistakenly looked at the comments. Now I'm not sure we don't have anti-vaxers and flat-earthers in our ranks...


Looking at that sweet looking Crash Bandicoot remake and wishing those idiots at Squeenix would do THAT kind of remake for Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX. Will Squeenix ever truly give us what we want? Probably not.


Ready to play Persona 3 Portable for the first time in 7 years. Choosing the girl protagonist. I'll be my own damn waifu.


Why is it that Video Games only ever have a few great releases in the summer. It would be the best time....dumb asses...


Does anyone recommend Oceanhorn on the Switch? It looks really pretty.


Guys help. I have like 1 friend on my Switch...and they added me. Can people add me as a friend? What info do I give you so you can add me? Figured out my friend code. Below in the comments.


To all you younguns out there, never stop doing what you like. Here I am at 38 dyeing my hair and playing vidya regerts...err...regrets. I may start reviewing Genesis games...randomness..I know...#selfietoid..#dirtyoldman


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