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Hi all. Visiting my grandma in PR. She's still alive at almost 92, but she's been struggling the last few years after a fall. Last year I visited fearing the worst, but even after Hurricane Maria while bedridden she's still here. :)


That Squenix video... Wet fart levels of disappoint.


Detroit Become Human: Fembot Sex Machine DLC Confirmed?


So, why are people posting all the Spiderman pics the last 24 or so hours?


Me at work as my last week here approaches. Sad/angry/sad/angry, like this cute little guy. Protip, don't let him near your nuts.


Found this on Crunchyroll. Did not expect to laugh so damn much.


Gogeta? Nah, Mr. ET is the best DBZ fusion.


You can tell Ein has drank some alcomohols when there's a waifu insta-boner every 5 seconds. Yes I'd fuck a cartoon, but it I want to be elaborate look at my more eloquent comment in this post.


I have a creepy uncle who works at Sony. Told me this was 100% legit.


Apparently Japanese fart scrolls are a thing?


Thanks for all the support the last few weeks. Things have been slowly normalizing and I might be able to return to my shitposting ways soon. My son has even gone back to making music. Please check out his newest lo-fi hip hop creation. Link in comments.


Well...I got a new job! It's not what I wanted to do, but it pays more and a LOT of fucking people put a lot of faith in me...no pressure...you bunch of weirdos...god..I better be on my A game next school year...hyperventilating when I think about it...


Had a great interview yesterday and my son was discharged from the hospital. He seems to be in a much better place too.


What do you get when you fuse Donald Trump with Jared from Subway?


Sorry to share my misery to you all but today I wrote 2000 word email to my boss detailing why I'm not going to sign the bullshit contract provided. Everyone else caved in and signed it and I'm feeling uncertain about the future...but applying to jobs...


ARGH FUCKITTY FUCK...I might have to quit my job because they want me to sign some bullshit contract and even my lawyer friend said was bullshit.


Sorry I've been absent folks. I still owe two vids on the # 69. Life has been rough the last few months. Currently my son is in a 24 hour psychiatric ward. Fuck suicidal thoughts....every time I think he's getting better...NOPE. I have been reclusive...


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