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When everyone at your job is slowly leaving because they're disgruntled, but you need to stay there because it's a steady paycheck and you have 2 teen sons to feed.


Ein Approves! I'm gonna play for a while then fiddle with friend codes and all that jazz.


Look at what the best wife ever got me for my birthday. If you read my blog it was yesterday, but stuff happened so I got my present today.


Switching to my real pic for a while on my avatar. Seems like something people do so I may keep it for a few weeks. Looks like I'm picking my nose with a smurf dildo.


Chris Cornell commits suicide is probably the shittiest birthday news I've ever gotten. :(


How does no one know about Rasputina and her electric cello? I borrowed this CD from the library out of curiosity and when I looked up the song on youtube it only had 591 views... This song is half musical crack half ear rape. I love it.


Persona 5.....after an hour and a half in the November/December dungeon, I have died....motherfucker...FUUUUUUCKKKKKK. So unforgiving.


When you use the last few ply of toilet paper at work but leave a single dirty ply encrusted with dingleberries for adhesion for your boss to use. #darksiders69: Dirty Death Sanchez Edition


Man, Persona's been consuming my life. I don't know what I'll do once I finish it....oh wait I'll be back here doing what I do best.


October 31st in Persona 5....October flew by. 102 hours in....hoping it doesn't get to around New Year and skip to the end like the other games.


When a shadow steals 30 SP in a Palace in Persona 5 and you wanna go in the TV and fucking kill them because SP is a fucking pain to replenish thoroughly. Man I miss the fox.


Checking in again to let you know that I live. I also promise to be online more often once I finish P5.


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