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After mildly enjoying FFI, not enjoying/finishing FFII, Slightly enjoying/getting frustrated/ultimately bored with FFIII I was skeptical about FFIV. I have to say a few hours in I am pleasantly surprised. I still have to play V/VI but so far IV is great.


So far in the last year I have finished Final Fantasys 1. Finished FF7 for the 6th time, started 12, 2, and 3. I have finished 12 before on PS2, FF2 and 3 didn't grab me. Starting FFIV now. If desired, discussion in the comments?


Drove yesterday from Baltimore to St. Louis. 880 miles. Next stop today? Dallas, Texas. More pics in the comments.


Are people really freaking out about the size of Tifa's tiddies? Like...seriously, if THAT ruins the game for you then find a new hobby. People like the guy in this vid need to get a fucking grip, lol. So now she's a D cup and not a MegaZorDDD cup?


Happy Wednesday Wes. The amount of MBs allowed for gif in the quickposts in 2019....is rather disappointing. What is this? 2g networks?


This summer I'm driving to Seattle from Maryland. Any Dtoider's out there live in between on the route below? I would love to stop, say hi, sniff your wife's panties, and move on. Let me know if you're interested.


Hot damn.....I turned 40 on Saturday. Wasn't online all weekend. Happy C0-Birthday to Rad Party God,Parismio, and grumpyaussiewario.


Oi Snapchat! Crooked glasses or not I'd fuck the hell out of my girl pervy-jutsu shadow clone.


Want a hearty cup of the good stuff as well as an AC adapter? Well I have the place for YOU!


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