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LameStop hasn't let me preorder Borderlands 1 for PS4 since it was announced last week. Went back today to ask if I could again and the guy was like "you'll have to come tomorrow if you're lucky, there are limited copies." Fuck Gamestop....


Watching that Gearbox livestream waiting for a BL3 trailer and seeing all this other stuff I don't really care about like..


Riiiight. Fuck you Google. Ouya 2.0? Maybe not, but console killing? To stream everything? Sounds more like Xbox One 2014.


Played Kingdom Hearts 2 yesterday from 9 am until 11 pm. I might be half way done. So far I'm liking it a lot more than KH1 and that garbage re:Coded. Looking forward to KH3.


When you find the absolutely most perfect gif....but it's too large to share....so you stockpile it for the comments (which are kinda broken atm) and hope you don't forget to unleash it.


I can't comment directly on peoples QPs anymore. Is it just my browser? Very annoying...


Quick question to you all, if you only had 2 choices would you pick someone who has an attractive face but a meh body, or a meh face but a bangin' body? P.S. Saitama is a total butterface but his butterface is still cute.


I've been playing games like it's my job lately. Which one of you guys is Gervaise on PSN? Thanks for liking like every single one of my accomplishments! :D


Been playing Nioh the last few days as well as RE2. Every time I think I'm getting good at Nioh....


Seeing as Borderlands 3 is the new Half Life 3, I remember hearing about a similar off world loot oriented outlaw FPS coming out in the future....I forgot the name....HELP!!?


Loved Onimusha on the Switch. Wonder what the chances are of getting the other games in the series in HD.


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