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Journey to the Savage Planet on PS4 looks interesting. It's also on sale. Anyone play it and recommend?


The new forums are looking dope. Is there a position for Forum Lord or Forum Master?


Absolutfreak! Happy Birthday!! In b4 close on the birthday fun. I've always liked your insights and comments and that enigmatic mustachioed lollipop eating samurai.


Trying to decide if I should buy some pickles while risking being put on some sort of FBI watchlist..... Sweet what?


Welp......I just beat FFVII Remake. Anyone else wanna chat up some spoilers in the comments? Great game btw, aas someone who loved and beat the original like 5 times. So many questions though....


Finally! My Cloud Strife meets Chev Chelios in Crank 3: Midgar Rush fanfiction has come true. Pic in the comments.


Played till 3 am. Time to continue, with the help of Mr. Coffee. Onward to Chapter 3.


If anyone is going into FFVII Remake blind. Here's a short video to familiarize yourself with the canon.


I have an assortment of Energy drinks, coffee, and snacks as I await FFVII remake tonight. I predict I might stay awake up till 12:45 am at this rate.


HELP! How do I preload FF VII Remake?? I go to the store and it won't show me how. I bought the deluxe edition.


Come watch me play SSX 3! https://www.twitch.tv/ein%20 Not sure why it messes up my link. Link in comments.


Streaming SSX3 at 6:30 pm tonight. Feel free to join me and watch this EXTREME SPORT! Current Mood Photo: Pandemic.


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