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Finally had some time to play Outer Worlds....keep putting the controller down and accidentally shooting motherfuckers.


I hate not coming here often. I'm just DRAINED all the time. Working 3 jobs because my wife's checks have been halved since July because her seizures have come back full force and my son's mental health is worse than it's ever been. Life is hard...


My phone refuses no matter how much I rotate the picture to put this up right but I found a life hack on how to read the small subtitles and text in outer worlds.


I'm hungry and have computer duty at my school....so no lunch for another 1.5 hours....argh...


Can people give me their best puns? My boss is way to good at them and I need some ammo.


ARGH....Target says (on paper) that Borderlands 3 releases tonight at 9PM. I have asked the store associates about this and they all look lost as fuck...I hate where I live.


Been to the emergency room with my wife 3 times in the last month. Trying to find something to get her seizures under control again. What's a normal life if not sleeping in hospital recliners? At least memes still make me laugh.


Day 1 of my road trip June 27th. Went from Baltimore to St. Louis. By the time I arrived in St. Louis it was about 10 pm. The arch was dark...meh. Pic was in Western Md. Those patterns on the rocks were my favorite. Braska battled Sin and left scars.


Here's the map of the 8 day road trip that I took this past summer. Gas and hotel stops included it surpasses 4600 miles. Night stops were St Louis, Dallas, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Fresno, Eureka, Eugene, and Finally Seattle. Pics to come on QPs.


After mildly enjoying FFI, not enjoying/finishing FFII, Slightly enjoying/getting frustrated/ultimately bored with FFIII I was skeptical about FFIV. I have to say a few hours in I am pleasantly surprised. I still have to play V/VI but so far IV is great.


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