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Shout out to Neronium for seriously improving my mood and giving me hope after my capture card failure this week.


Bought the only capture card I could afford that can stream PS2 games. Roxio GameCap HD Pro and have spent 6 hours gettting it to work. The program it came with is trash and free ones freeze....


Thinking of fooling around on Twitch. I still need to finish The Bouncer, but I want to try out some of the sports games I bought. NBA Live 96. 97. 01, and 09. Will probably start streaming around 5:15.


My boss is so hot that while the real me would never do anything inappropriate my "Inner Sakura" looks at her and in my mind.....


I streamed 2.5 hours of The Bouncer. Didn't beat the end boss....YET.... https://www.twitch.tv/videos/548292991 Let me know what you think.


Found a copy of "The Bouncer: for PS2. I've never done one of those Twitch streams, but would like to do so. Is it free? anyone want to see me riff The Bouncer and get my butt kicked?


Today I quit facebook for a few months, possibly longer. After the sham that is our government giving that orange turd a free pass to do whatever illegal shit he wants I need a break. Ironic, his defense team tried to impeach Clinton for a blowjob.


Ummm... #Darksiders3? The Actual Charlton Heston insisted I share with the world what I spent 5 minutes doing instead of grading papes...headlines don't sell papes.


I wasn't aware that Best Buy carried limited run games. Awesome pick up plus they're Nintendo switch pro controllers only $55 and with a $10 gift card it came out to $48.


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