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Cheap Xbox 360 Games at the Amazon Gold Box

For those of you who like buying your games new, but don't like paying full-price, I have good news. Amazon, through it's Gold Box daily special/Lightning Deals, is offering you two games on the cheap. You can buy Midnight Club: LA any ti...


A Time to Build: The Ultimate X-COM Squadron

For starters, I'd guess that by and large people have either never heard of the X-COM series, have been bludgeoned over the head about its awesomeness by rabid fans, or are one of said fans. It suffices to say I am in the latter group. Wh...


Shari Redstone is out at Midway

I won't belabor this point, but I haven't seen this anywhere else on the site. I imagine some of you still have fond memories of when Midway was a decent publisher and would like to see them return to glory. Anyway, Shari Redstone, daught...


A Worthy Feature in the PS3 2.52 Firmware

While I'm not convinced about the overall necessity of the latest PS3 firmware, I did happen to find one seemingly useful feature in the update history: "You now have an option to set the PS3™ system to turn off automatically after a bac...


Watchmen Videogame: What to expect...

So I had contemplated posting a blog asking about the likelihood of a Watchmen videogame that would undoubtedly coincide with the upcoming release of the film, when it struck me that I better google it first, lest I be smacked by numerous, ...


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