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Which Shounen Anime Protagonist Are You? Type-4: The Duckling (But Not Ugly). (art by: Aminor999)


Which Shounen Anime Protagonist Are You? Type-3: The Dolphin. (art by: Aminor999)


Which Shounen Anime Protagonist Are You? Type-2: The Tiger. (art by: Aminor999)


Which Shounen Anime Protagonist Are You? Type-1: The Cat. (art by: Aminor999)


What movies that y'all just couldn't stand to watch? Not because it's bad, but because of the content. For me, it's movies that feature racism, especially because I always get angry at the racist deep South hillbilly characters featured in them.


Hi. How're you doing? Having a good Monday so far? Good. Good. Hey, did you know that the industry we love is rotten to the core?


You guys? I think something terrible has happened to Sonic.


A variation of the usual "best game" post: what one game will you recommend that best represents each genre? FPS, Racing, Action, RPG, JRPG, which games best capture the essence of that genre?


News of Ubisoft getting sued by that French worker union is fine and all, but how long do you think before it gets ignored when Ubisoft makes a sudden Assassin's Creed announcement?


"So glad I managed to get my cash in order in the past month. Now I can have a proper meal-" *notices Ys 9, Samurai Warriors 5, and Monster Hunter Stories 2 coming out this month* "-I mean, I can survive on just water for a month, right?"


I mean, considering the heavy Japanese influence of the story's world, I feel like this is just par the course at this point.


I laughed way too loud and way too long at this.


Reminder: I am a horrible person.


Random Thoughts While Pooping Fantasy Edition: how come all White Mages are portrayed as frail and waif-ish? I want to see a buff White Mage. I wanna see a healer who is built like a frickin' tank, and if he can't heal you he'll bench press you.


Random Thoughts While Pooping Fantasy Edition: You know how certain spells require the users to chant things in relation to the spell unleashed, right? What if some mad magician cast spells that has complete opposite effects to the chant?


Did, did this fun little tale of childhood, summer, and growing pains just took a jab at Donald Trump? It's at the 0:35 mark when Alberto says "Definitely look at it (the sun)."


Wondering if that yellow electric rodent just insulted yo' mama? Well wonder no more! Here is a handy dandy cheat sheet!


Obligatory "This Rock Album Comes With A Free Video Game" post:


So, nobody else is gonna say it? Alright then! Ahem! Yakuza: Like A Dragon stole a good chunk of its plot from Getbackers. That's the cold hard truth.


Dear Mister Bateman, happy birthday! Here is your gift:


I knew it was just a matter of time before some internet comedian hatches the idea:


Looking at a list of movies released in theaters today, and, uh...does anybody else get tired with The Mundane-type of movie titles? You know, those two words titles that starts "The" and ends with a mundane object? "The Sicilian", "The Lie", "The Gun".


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