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Random Thoughts While Pooping Blasphemy Edition: If Catholics thinks suicide is a cardinal sin and Latinos are all devout Catholics, does that mean Vasquez from "Aliens" is going to hell?


Which dream combination of franchise and devs would make you joygasm? An "Injustice 3" made by Arc System Works would make me change my undies in an instant.


Random Thoughts While Pooping #982312: Can you launch any object with the force and velocity of a bullet, and would they hurt like one when they hit you?


We all know that Michael Bay was the wrong choice for Transformers, but what do you think the right choice would be? I personally believed he would be the perfect director for a live-action "Centurions" movie. His army boner would only make it better.


I get so mad when corporations asks why there's a worker shortage post pandemic. Like, really assholes? You pay them shitty wages, you rob them of benefits, and every time they try to unionize you bully them into submission. Gee, what a mystery!


Random Thoughts While Pooping Blasphemy Edition: did Jesus poop? If he is divine in the form of a man and he partake in eating food, then he must have pooped, right? And if we can learn so much from owl pellets, imagine what we can learn from God's dookie


Random Thoughts While Pooping Contact Sports Edition: Why do match up posters these days look like they're just one hand-to-the-cheek away from looking like gay porn?


What? You can't expect me to see a Sugar Song Bitter Step video starring Genshin Impact characters and NOT post it here, now can you?


You know what I like very much about the internet? It allows us to save missteps like these for posterity and pulled it out to laugh at on a later date.


Random Thoughts While Pooping #657812: Why do New Yorkers hate tourists so much? Here is a group of folks a thousand miles from home who thinks your poop-smelling city is pretty enough for a visit and your first thought was "Fuck off and go home?"


Random Thoughts While Pooping D&D Edition: "Evil ancient dragon" is tired and cliched. You're telling me out of entire decades of fantasy writing you can't come up with a better villain than a giant flying lizard? Why not some ancient evil bees?


I hate that title so much because it could have been a punchier, much catchier "The Chronicles of Zorro" instead.


Didn't know Rob Liefeld is doing manga these days.


New game? Take a video game title and turn it into a Light Novel title. You know, long, overly descriptive, but somehow eye-catching, e.g. "Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?", "I Spent 300 Years Killing Slime and Maxed Out My Stats", etc.


Are we SERIOUSLY not doing phrasing anymore?! Seriously!?


The irony of YouTube banning channels that plays music at light speed and surgical precision while repeatedly failing to ban a sexbot channel with a literal butt in a thong in the profile picture is not lost on me.


Ah tell yew what: Kansas City is MY kind of town!


You VS That Guy She Told You Not To Worry About:


What is the most messed-up thing to pop into your brain today?


This is a statue of the Virgin Mary in Santa Teresa Gallura in Italy, and uh, hm, yep, that's all I gotta say about that.


"Yeah c'mon guys: cut the poor guy some slack!" he says, as he quietly hid his stacks of Ralsei Rule 34 drawings.


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