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In relation to the net neutrality issue, please go to "goFCCyourself.com" and click the "Express" link there to let your voice be heard. I hope you will all band together to stop Adjit Pai's nefarious agenda once and for all.


I understand that PlayerUnknown's Battleground has tons of fans, but I still don't think it's a good nominee for Destructoid's GOTY PC edition.


Dear Destructoid, you are forbidden to make an "original character don't steal" joke in your eventual Sonic Forces review unless you also ripped FFXV and Dragonball Xenoverse for doing the same. k thnx love u bye!


Hey uh quick question here: if Sega did not release advance review copies for the reviewers, then what the HELL did Polygon reviewed!? https://www.polygon.com/platform/amp/2017/11/5/16609838/sonic-forces-review

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Question: is it consider scummy practice to plug my other works here in Dtoid? I'm writing a novel and have plans for a Patreon monthly short story deal, and am wondering if the community would be okay with me promoting it now and then.

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'It's not porn, Mom! It's a JRPG!'

[Ricky Namara absolutely nails that feeling of paranoia I get every time I go into a game store and look at box art while looking over my shoulder to make sure nobody thinks knows I'm a pervert staring at particular titles. My mother still ...

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So I caved to the pressure and started playing Hearthstone. It was a blast! One thing though: I've been told that the online community REALLY hates anyone who plays Anduin the same way Yugioh players hates a "Lightsworn Deck". Why tho'?


Hey guys what did I mi-*sees the Quickposts* Oh. Welp, I'm going back to bed.


The Iron Fists of Nostalgia

WARNING: this post was partially inspired by my personal disagreement over Destructoid's own review of Valkyria Revolution, and since I am a deeply insecure person, I can already imagine that lone commenter who ripped that game a new a...


Woah, why am I getting a bunch of weird error messages in one article? What's going on, Papa Niero? I can post screenshots if you like.


I've been playing Valkyria Revolution for 60+ hours now, and I...disagree with about 60% of what the Destructoid review says. The game is not perfect, but it does know what it's doing. Especially when you get to fight a giant airship on foot.


It's tradition where I live to celebrate Iedl Fitr by asking forgiveness for our past transgressions from our community, and I suppose that goes for my online community too. From the depths of my heart I humbly ask for your forgiveness! Happy Iedl Fitr!

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Ramadhan Blues: A Muslim Gamer's Woes

[It's always great to get someone else's perspective on the world, and to see how things you or I might readily and easily enjoy may encumber others' ways of life. Ricky Namara gives us great insight into his experiences as a Muslim gamer t...


I've been watching this on loop for three hours now HELP ME


Recently replayed "Fairy Fencer F", and couldn't help but wonder if Yoshitaka Amano and Nobuo Uematsu a.k.a. two of the three Final Fantasy Trinity, lost a bet or something to Compile Heart to be forced to make this game.


Day 12 of Ramadhan fasting. Decided to play Final Fantasy XV to pass the time until Iftar. Was quickly reminded of the cooking mini-game and the game's level of food-porn. Mistakes were made. #MuslimGamerProblems


Survived the first week of Ramadhan fasting. Wanted to play "Injustice 2" to pass the time, but worried that Harley Quinn's costume would invalidate my fasting. #MuslimGamerProblems


All of these unused locations in FFXV makes me wish SquareEnix's next update is more than a simple "Here's a re-balancing patch!"


I finished Disgaea 5 and finally felt free from these chains of constant grinding. Then I learned it has a post game content...with more grinding. I turn the PS4 off. Never again, D5. Never again.

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Playing Hooky: Four Men and a Criminal

[Ricky Namara was a bad, bad boy. So bad, he decided to take two days off of work to enjoy the finer things in life - video games! Join him in his roller coaster of emotions as he regales us with his tale of anticipation, heartache, and ine...


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