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"Kids, will you step outside please?" https://kotaku.com/new-evangelion-film-delayed-once-again-1846056485


What if fighting games have a story mode that acts as one long tutoria that teaches you the game mechanics as the story progresses and the character grow stronger?


In this episode of "I Am Today Years Old", I just found out that apparently there is a fetish in the yaoi genre that is called "oyakodon" and I have been advised by my lawyers not to finish that sentence.


Anybody else feeling that MiHoYo is a bit tongue in cheek with their depiction of the Fatui in Genshin Impact? They might be agents of Fantasy Russia, but they sure feel more like Magic MSS than Magic KGB.


My five year old nephew petted his new Rockruff in Pokemon Ultra Sun. On the crotch. And the Rockruff actually loved it. What the hell is going on, Nintendo?


Oh you laugh now, but give it a few months and "Genshin Impact: The Animation" would very much be a reality.


So hotfix 1.06 is released for Cyberpunk 2077 today that fixes a lot the save file bug. Is, is it still "kewl" to shit on the game, you guys?


Me: "I will never pull another 5 Star character like I did with Keqing." Genshin Impact: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


Somebody in the comments basically said that Cyberpunk 2077's problems are worse than all 13 Assassin's Creed games combined, and I really find that to be a very hard sell.


*sees that Cyberpunk 2077 got a 7.5 review score* Me:


If you start out as Corpo in Cyberpunk 2077 and seeked out Johnny Silverhand, you are essentially playing as Johnny Mnemonic looking for Johnny Mnemonic. Think about it!


Can I safely say that $70 for a triple-A game is bullshit without worrying about the console fanboys going up in arms here?


Somebody floated the idea of a remastered Xenogears game taking the original slipshod Disc 2 and rework the PowerPoint presentations into actual gameplay. And now I can't sleep at night.


So am I crazy or are the major characters of Genshin Impact are named after Goetian Demons?


Out of curiosity, I decided to tune in to CATS on HBO right now. Somebody pray for me.


So, The Last Airbender was on TV right now, and I decided to finally see it to see how bad it actually was. I felt instant regret. And pain. Mostly pain.


With only one month to go before Cyberpunk 2077's release, I have a question for everyone: can you only play as a semi-criminal in the game?


You guys! YOU GUYS!! This is epic!


What is up with all this weird "I don't want to support the Chinese government" argument that pops up whenever Genshin Impact is mentioned?


I feel so represented right now, and I'm not even a U.S. Citizen!! https://www.twitch.tv/aoc


Rewatching "Joker" again, and the main issue I have with this movie is not so much the plotholes, but rather the implication that affects Bruce's future.

[youtube] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t433PEQGErc[/youtube]


Me: Maybe I shouldn't post memes that are too political Also me:


Why was Persona 5 such a massive hit? Because it predicted Trump's rule at 2020.


Random Game Idea While Pooping #77162: Persona 6 should be set in the corporate world, and the Midnight Channel/Cognitive World should be a battlefield where each companies you fought is their own countries with bizarre rules. Too on the nose?


Sooooo nobody wants to talk about how Ubisoft used the Black Lives Matter symbol for a terrorist organization in Tom Clancy's Elite Squad? Nobody? Just me then? OK.


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