NE: Ranked: Which of the 7 Super Mario games was most super?
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Still the greatest thing (read: thing) Japan has ever produced


My movie got a DVD release from King Records and I'm freaking out.


Ain't fake priested in a while, but tomorrow's a buddy's wedding and I'm gonna Jesus the shit outta that joint.


Video games won't be art until McCartney licenses Beatles to Activision, and even then it'll be shite


Papa N 'n I had a fabulous time gettin' trashy


Again, across from Squeenix. One of the best venues in town is gettin' demolished before the Olympics. Still, you don't find many buildings in the city older than 40 so I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later.


At the sound studio in Shinjuku for movie stuff. Right next door to Squeenix HQ.


I'm a social media marketing genius


Hallo D-toid. I wrote my first ever blog ever. It's a long-winded, barely coherent, scarcely cohesive look at my wacky antics in Tokyo. Check it out. Oh yeah, I like Mega Man, Souls, Fallout (old and new), and MGS.


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