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I'm officially now a silver league player in SF V!!!! Lucia is my girl!


I wish you all a good start into the new week!


Me against my lil bro in SF V!!!! I play as Chun. He's Juri!!! Let'S goooooooo!


I've reinstalled Resi 5 today!!!! Sheva is bae :)


Ono has left Capcom. I don't know what to say... #SFforever. I'm sad.


I wish you all the best!!!


YG's swag is a really nice song for the summer! I wish you all a good start into the new week! :)


It just took this video to make me a believer in VR.


The Smash community burned down in about 4 days. The FGC is in shambles after the recent scandal about Mr. Wizard. All of this makes me sad and angry. I'm angry because I know so many good people in the FGC. This overshadows their passion and kindness!


I wish you all a nice weekend!


I wish you all a nice weekend. Since I missed out two thicc thursdays in a row you will find some nice pics from one of my favorite artists ever (Tawara Hiryuu, NSFW)


Another political rap video I really like. Killer Mike is dope.


I wanna talk about the start of the Last of US 2. More in the comments.


I'm registered for Evo and I will register for Capcom Pro Tour Online EU West. I hope I can knock some people out! ;)


On this sunday I just take the opportunity to promote two artists I really like. Ryo Agawa and Shunjou Shuusuke. The main pic is from Agawa. I put something from Shuusuke in the comments.


Can Galko-chan and her sis be my religious figures? Because that Jesus guy kinda sucks and also isn't thicc.


I've signed up for Evo. I'm competing in Killer Instinct and Skullgirls. @Chris Moyse Get ready for some ass whooping! (I didn't even enter MK 11 because I'm trash in that game)


I hope you all stay safe in these difficult times. I love you all and want you to know that every human, no matter what they look like or what the color of their skin is, deserves dignity.


Rest in pepperonis "Vita Owner". :( You were the coolest character ever! I've heard rumors that Ellie meets "Switch Owner" later in the game and they become best friends and make out.


I had a long training session with my lil bro in SF V. He's way better than me and his Laura and Seth shit all over my Lucia/Urien. Ultimate Booty Fighter 3 is trash, I liked Ultimate Booty Fighter 2 way more! I need to get better!


I'm sorry, @Chris Moyse but if you really wanna be the next Evo champion you better prepare yourself because Jet will register for Evo 2020 and the Capcom Pro Tour 2020 Europe West. I will totally be the next Evo Online Champ. (Probably not)


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