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I really love Rafael de Guzman's design of the new Chun Li figure.


Three visitors, a poem When you turn the 6 around, you will see the 9 in the clouds there will be 3 men who visit you, starting with C, M and W. They will ask you what you have done and all you can do is scream and run. C.S.


The first pictures from the street fighter summer sports collection are online and I wanna play some basketball with Menat. ;)


Fuck this hot summer weather! I'm melting...


Happy Birthday Parismo!Here, have some virtual candy.


I drew Nicolas Brown from the manga Gangsta. Please share your thoughts! Thank you!


In my head Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar are married, don't often see each other, ocassionally bang and have a little girl who they raise with all their love. :)


I send you all a box of virtual cookies! I hope you have a nice day.


One of the best buddy cop movies I've ever seen is End of Watch. Really great action!


I just bought Zombi for 5 bucks (PC) and Resident Evil Revelations 2 for 9,99 € on PSN. This weekend is gonna be spoopy! :)


My favorite X-Men is Scott Summers aka Cyclops. Who's yours? (Picture by artist riyuen)


Most of society is guilty. They all sin. In the end it's all the same. Still, I believe a nihilist humanist might be the savior. A guy like Neo from the Matrix. To fight the system you will become the system.


Good morning! I wish you all a nice sunday :)


I'm working on a sf v character guide for Sakura and I can't wait for the anniversary collection to come out.


Do combo, wow, much damage! Combo wombo your enemies! (Video by desk)


Finally my cold is over...


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