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Best match in Mvc:I at Socal was definitely this. Richard Nguyen's dante is so good!


Love the manga but I don't think this movie will be heavy on story. Hopefully it will be a fun action movie. And of course they changed the symbol on Manji's back. Didn't surprise me but the religious meaning of the swastika in buddhism is luck.


Now I wanna watch an anime about fighting game players.


Ceotaku is happening right now! If you love Blazblue, Guilty Gear, Marvel and fighting games in general you can check out the stream right now. (link is in the comments)


Long live Fighting Games!


Made in Abyss is definitely the anime of this season for me but Ballroom e youkoso is secretly also pretty good. Here's the OP:


Tgs panel for Munster Hunter World: 45 minutes of gameplay and other stuff.


Damn, the MvC: I reddit is on fire. This made me chuckle.


So will we see Labrys (P4:Arena), Sho(P4: Arena Ultimax) and the female main character of P3P ever again or are they locked in the basement together with the cast of P1 and P2?


If you wanna watch the capcom stream of tgs (link is in the comments)


Story teaser for DBFZ:


If you buy Mvc: Infinite now or even in the future on Steam and you have problems in fullscreen mode. I have written a guide to fix this problem. https://www.reddit.com/r/mvci/comments/71glns/fix%20/


Best moment in any fighting game:


I'm surprised that I like the story mode in MvC: Infinite. I expected the worst but it reminds me of a saturday morning cartoon. Goofy but fun.


Team Purple, let's go! Early impressions for MvC: I: It's a good fighting game with a complete arcade mode, story mode, tutorials, trials, art and music gallery. The online is good and the infinity stones make this game really creative and fun.


I'm so happy that MvC: I has a great netcode!


So what do you guys think of FF IX? I played like 20 hours of it but never finished it. i'm thinking about getting the rerelease.


Damn, Heroes of the Storm is really on point lately with their new characters. Kel Thuzard is well designed and Ana is another cool pick for the game.


Only 24 hours until it's MAHVEL, BABY!!!


Some of Menat's outfit ideas were released by Capcom and I want this so bad. The concept art looks amazing and I'm a sucker for casual clothes in fighting games.


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