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SF V sales have exceeded 2 million sales and are approaching 2,5 million with the upcoming release of Arcade Edition. (source in comments). Cody, Sagat and Sakura did the trick. :)


Es is in Blaz Blue Cross Tag. *Someone knocks on my door* "Hello, Officer. No, you don't get it! She's a robot who looks like an oppai loli. You can't arrest me, she's my new waifu!"


SF V AE will have massive changes to the way you earn Fight Money. Story modes, trials, survival, etc... will still give you exp so you still earn FM through them but there are no extra payouts. Extra battle mode gives you the chance to earn new costumes.


I finally decided to main Menat. She is a lot of fun but a really complex character. I love her playstyle but I'm happy that she gets soul spark as a new move in a month. And to master her v-trigger will take me days.


I created a second Dtoid Destiny 2 clan. Everybody is welcome to join the Purple Raptor Squad! (Open Membership, link in the comments)


Sakura works in a japanese arcade. I like her staff and battle costume. She looks cute. I like her new design.


You wanna play some Street Fighter? I'll go dumb with you! :)


Christmas is coming.


Ryu got his donkey kick back, Menat gets soul spark after throwing out the orb and every new v-trigger + move lists for the whole cast just got announced. Seems like Fang and Kolin can finally be zoners in their second v-trigger (link in the comments)


Why the Visceral SW game got canned:"We were trying to build a game that really pushed gameplay to the next level,[...], it continued to look like a style of gaming, that people don't like as much today as they did five years ago or 10." EA CFO Jorgensen


Listen, I don't wanna bash the game and I heard Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is quite good but after looking at all Xenoblade Chronicles 2 blades and their designs I can only say one thing: ENDLESS ANIME TRASH!!!


Venom is fantastic in MvC:I. His animations and playstyle are great!


Sorry Tony, but he is my friend.


Apparently EA is developing for the Switch and they also might have leaked the Nintendo Direct in January. I don't think Nintendo will be happy about this.


Mega Man stream today at 11 AM PST and SF V AE stream at 3 PM PST.


Horizon: Zero Dawn really surprised me. It's a wonderful game and its fascinating world and Aloy drew me in from the first minute. This is definitely one of my favorite open world games ever.


The weekend is here. My week wasn't bad but also not particularly good. I wish you all some rest and fun at your weekend!


It's Friday, nya, nya!


The plot thickens.


Geese Howard is out in Tekken 7 tomorrow. He is not available for single purchase. The only way to get him is the character season pass for 25 $.


Who even buys costumes anyways? Am I right, guys?


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