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I bought Mortal Kombat X in the Steam Fighting Game Sale. Any tips for a newcomer who comes from Street Fighter IV and V to MK?


Monster Hunter Stories is awesome!I play it on my phone


USA and this year's election. Seems like Bishop Lamont was right all along. I love this song!!!!!


My solution to fixing Halo Infinite? Play any Killzone game instead. Killzone 3 is still my favorite!


Hey, I wish you all a nice day. Link and my dragon too.


Today is the day I will start Shadowrun Hongkong. Wish me luck, guys and gals. Yo, Cyberpunk orc girls are cute as heck!!!


I had some time so I doodled Wind Waker Link!


Lala is a good girl...


The rainbow six siege cosplay community is awesome!!!


One of my best friends has a mental breakdown. She's such a sweet girl. Depression is a shitty illness. 😭


I'm officially now a silver league player in SF V!!!! Lucia is my girl!


I wish you all a good start into the new week!


Me against my lil bro in SF V!!!! I play as Chun. He's Juri!!! Let'S goooooooo!


I've reinstalled Resi 5 today!!!! Sheva is bae :)


Ono has left Capcom. I don't know what to say... #SFforever. I'm sad.


I wish you all the best!!!


YG's swag is a really nice song for the summer! I wish you all a good start into the new week! :)


It just took this video to make me a believer in VR.


The Smash community burned down in about 4 days. The FGC is in shambles after the recent scandal about Mr. Wizard. All of this makes me sad and angry. I'm angry because I know so many good people in the FGC. This overshadows their passion and kindness!


I wish you all a nice weekend!


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