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This is a really good overview of the new v-triggers in SF V AE. Only one more day and I can play Sakura.


Early DBFZ Beta impressions: Game plays like a mix of Mahvel, Skullgirls and Persona 4 Arena. It's fun and a good fighter for beginners but also a little bit simple and I wish autocombos weren't that dominant in the fighting system. But it's fun.


I bought the first volume of the Street Fighter Legends Sakura comic. It's drawn by Omar Dogan. My favorite artist. I'm so happy! :)


It's Tuesday and Poison is your secretary #NSFW


SF V AE update: Vol 3 Trials confirmed, Framedata is viewable in training mode now, Golden Shadaloo soldiers seem to give a good amount of free fight money and Weekly missions are present, Rashid gets Viewtiful Joe costume in January, 2p rematch button.


Player 2 rematch options are present in AE. The time of the thumbs up is over. XD


There are rumors going around that Gill is a secret boss in SF V AE. RESURRECTION!!!


Patch notes for SF V AE were released in japanese: Balrog, Ibuki, Laura, Karin, Necalli got nerfed. Ryu, Juri, Alex got buffs. Universal changes: Most characters lost AA jab, throw loops are gone, less 50/50 situations, more focus on neutral game. Good.


Akiman (sf character designer) just finished his Anubis drawing and people love it so much that it could be a costume for Menat in the future. Capcom, please! (Edit: #NSFW)


Most important awards are here


It's Friday and instead of a sexy catgirl I post a Katawa Shoujo pic today because personality and inner beauty are often times more important even if commercials and society love to tell me otherwise.


Ela from Rainbow Six Siege looks like Fuuka from Persona 3 who became a badass cop. She is ready to use her persona (gun) to defeat her enemies. Oh, you really thought I play the game for the excellent suspense and teamplay? Waifus in a tactic shooter! :)


My top 5 games of the year: 1. Persona 5, 2. RE 7, 3. Hollow Knight, 4. Horizon Zero Dawn, 5. Dead Cells.


Always remember that finding your own personal happiness and reason to go on is very important in life.


Merry Christmas! I wish you all the best (health, luck,happiness, fun and a good time with friends and family).


SF V is on sale right now. The Deluxe Edition (Game, S 1 +2) costs 30 bucks on PSN and 40 bucks on Steam. Reasons to pick up the game in the comments.


How did I get started with Destructod? Me: "Wait a moment, Destructoid. I thought this was a website about video games. What's going on?" Dtoid: "Just relax Jet, and let's see where this goes."


One of the best videos about the difference between 2D and 3D fighting games I have ever seen!


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