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Cultural Differences - New Build!

**IMPORTANT** GameMaker games and Windows 10 seem to be butting heads on certain systems. If your display goes black and then white (showing nothing and no response from Savage) when starting the game in Fullscreen, here's what seems t...


If you manage to spawn this abominable figure during a boss fight... well, good luck - and may Var protect you.


Fixing all sorts of problems. Live!


Corpse Party - New Playable Build!

Hail, Loinclothed Heathens! An oldie but a goodie Let's get some bad news out of the way RIGHT NOW, shall we? It is becoming crushingly apparent that I won't get to a 100% finished Savage powerhouse of a game by the end of this yea...


Interacting with corpses has never been more fun and humerous (and illegal)! Working on that sort of weird stuff right now, live:


Taking a dip AND fixing broken parallax layers! Doing some more live development:


Doing more live Savage development - blending music, mayhem and code!


Talk about having a backlog - amiright?!! ... *ahem*.


Don't go chasing waterfalls... unless you have a spiked shield, solid armor and something to slash monsters to bits with.


Are... are my slimes becoming sentient?!


New Big Giant Head Podcast episode is up (wherein I rant and rave about my own game development experiences)!


Doing some live game development! ... Barbarian bath time.


Playing Boss 101 live until it's Steam release - only hours away! Livestream:


Working on "duck block" sprite! Live development on SAVAGE The Shard of Gosen!


Injecting some hulking masses of pain bringers into the game (because bad guys), live right now :)


Working on an update! LIVE at


Assassins? In the dead of WINTER?! Doing more live development:


Working on Hell's Teeth - a twisted maze of caves and tunnels, live:


Agents of the Noctwurm cult begin to stir - time for more live Savage development!


Shocking (sorry) live development stream! - working on the weather system (visual and randomized encounter) effects.


Game Development - I Have Something to Say!

"... It's better to burn out than to fade away!"  Sorry -- I've been listening to too much (is that even possible?) of the Highlander soundtrack while working. On a completely unrelated note, how about a project update?! Talk! ...


About toborprimeone of us since 4:13 PM on 01.26.2014

Hello and thanks for stopping by!

My name is Matt and I've been working on an independent video game project, Savage: The Shard of Gosen, for a few years. For the past decade and a half I've had my hands in everything from art and graphic design, film and music. It's been very gratifying being able to funnel everything I've learned into a single project -- and finding out how much I've still got to learn about all that, and game development.

I've been documenting my experiences with the game and presenting them in a blog style format (among other things). I'm here to share my updates (bruises, broken bones and all), and see if I can share any helpful bits and pieces I've learned along the way.

Feel free to ask any questions, chat, talk shop, brutally criticize - WHATEVER!

Thanks, and have fun!