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Game Development - I Have Something to Say!

"... It's better to burn out than to fade away!"  Sorry -- I've been listening to too much (is that even possible?) of the Highlander soundtrack while working. On a completely unrelated note, how about a project update?! Talk! ...


Game Development - Super (re)Sized!

Happy Sunday! This week sees quite a few fixes to issues plaguing the alpha demo! Let's talk about a couple of the biggest and most obnoxious ones: Alt+Tabbing This... this has been the bane of my existence for quite a while -- BUT, t...


Game Development - Hammer Time!

Good morning (or whenever)! Save System Just jumping right into it -- this update sees the completion of the game's save system! YAAY! This was one infuriatingly complicated task, I don't mind saying. To give you a rough estimate of...


Game Development - The Shadow Knows

Greetings!   Last week I talked about fixing bugs and tidying up issues in preparation for releasing a playable build that includes the first few levels and areas of the game. The battle continues this week -- here's a list o...


Game Development - Bug Hunt

Happy Sunday! This update sees a general lack of shiny new visuals to show off, but there's plenty of messing around going on under the hood. The battle to get the current content up to a release worthy standard for a playable build...


Game Development - Getting Slimed

Hail, Barbarian Horde! I've got a handful of things to show you and discuss, including an upcoming playable developer build (more on that below!) for the backers to try out. Continuing to Solve the Platformer Problem I've talked before...


Game Development - Gaiden Mode

Hi everyone! My name is Matt and I've been developing Savage: The Shard of Gosen for the past few years. I really dig the blog system here and it seems like a fun way to introduce my devblog, while offering any insight and useful infor...


About toborprimeone of us since 4:13 PM on 01.26.2014

Hello and thanks for stopping by!

My name is Matt and I've been working on an independent video game project, Savage: The Shard of Gosen, for a few years. For the past decade and a half I've had my hands in everything from art and graphic design, film and music. It's been very gratifying being able to funnel everything I've learned into a single project -- and finding out how much I've still got to learn about all that, and game development.

I've been documenting my experiences with the game and presenting them in a blog style format (among other things). I'm here to share my updates (bruises, broken bones and all), and see if I can share any helpful bits and pieces I've learned along the way.

Feel free to ask any questions, chat, talk shop, brutally criticize - WHATEVER!

Thanks, and have fun!