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Playing through FF9 on PS4 with a buddy right now, via Shareplay. Definitely remembering why I used to call this my favorite FF. It's really a fantastic and underrated gem. ....Also, fuck, do I miss old Square.


Had a great time this weekend with a friend pulling off an S-rank Hardcore run of REmake 2, which - as someone not good at these sorts of things - I highly recommend to any player. What a rush! S+ Hardcore can go fuck itself, though.


For all my Yakuza fans out there, Judgment finally has a US release date for the year. June 25th! Should be a good summer sleeper hit. https://twitter.com/Wario64/status/1102943256810143744


Listening to the Person 5 soundtrack to keep myself motivated at work today. Crazy to think that even two years later, there is still a constant desire in the back of my mind to drop everything in my life, just to focus on going back through it again.


The way REmake 2 is somehow able to adapt such modern mechanics and controls into an easily playable format, while somehow still being so incredibly oppressive and tense, is super impressive. It’s a textbook case of what makes a good horror game.


So I picked up YIIK anyway, despite the bad review last week. I'm having a good deal more fun with it than Kevin did, and it's definitely a very unique/special game, but oh boy does it have problems.


So one of my major hobbies outside of gaming is following music, esp. hip-hop. With that, where my fellow heads at? What would you say were your top 5 rap albums of 2018?


For anyone who missed it, the crazy postmodern RPG YIIK finally has a release date: January 17th! I can confirm it's dropping on Steam, but not sure if it launches on PS4 or Switch that same day, or the ports are coming later.


For those still playing AC Odyssey, like me, there's tons of stuff dropping this month. Free story DLC, new Mercenary tiers, even a way to turn off level scaling!


Grabbed Kingdom Come: Deliverance in the Black Friday PSN Sale, and I'm kind of loving the weird mix of awkwardness and charm so far. This game could have had so much more impact if it wasn't released broken.


The new RE2 trailer made me cry with joy when I saw it, and is already my most anticipated game right now. The more I hear, the more excited I am. You guys are entitled to your opinion, but as an old fart who fell in love with it at 11, the hate is silly.


If anybody is lonely this Valentine's Day, I'd be perfectly willing to put some time into co-op gaming tonight to keep someone company! I'm down for whatever PS4 game you want, always down to throw some money down for multiplayer. Tag is MrPopadopalus.


Last night in Dark Souls, a guy invaded me in the playthrough I just started, dropped a bajillion end-game titanite items, bowed, then jumped off a cliff. Not even kidding. I want to be appreciative, but I'm mostly just shocked and confused.


Had a one-night stand with a friend I've liked for a while. She tells me a few days later it meant nothing to her, and she wants to remain friends. Fuck my life. Hold me, guys.


Anybody else get a key for the Mirror's Edge beta? Gotten the chance to try it yet? I signed up but haven't gotten anything, and I heard they went out this morning. I'm going to be pissed if I get left out of this one, I signed up as soon as I could.


Anyone know if a Slain! review is incoming soon? I really want to know if this game is as good and it sounds.


After playing it until 6 in the morning Saturday night, I'm just going to come out and say it. Witcher 3 is better than both SKyrim or Fallout 4. (Also, I may have a problem.)


Everything I Learned about Life From Dark Souls

[WARNING: This article contains strong/vulgar language that may be offensive to some people. Reader discretion is advised.] Now that the long-awaited sequel to Dark Souls is finally around the corner and the hype train is choo-choo-choosin...


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