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I have two options in Bravely Second. I either try to beat the Adventurer superboss or I start new game plus with my maxed out job levels. Even considered a low level run.


Whenever I'm tired, I'm in that mood where I want to play something casually without worrying too much about things like meta or complex controls. Hard to find that in my current collection, I might have to dig deeper.


Whenever I'm tired, I'm in that mood where I want to play something casually without worrying too much about things like meta or complex controls. Hard to find that in my current collection, I might have to dig deeper.


I'm really eager to complete Bravely Second. After that, I'll look into how I want New Game Plus to play out.


I feel like playing a medieval fantasy RPG for the battle animations and gameplay. Anyone got any recommendations? Besides Fire Emblem Echoes, that's the worst.


Damn I haven't been here in awhile. How's the community these days?


There are some games I thought were bad, most others love, and thought I might go back to see if anything can redeem them.


Recently finished Assassin's Creed: Origins. Had a good time and plan on returning sometime for sidequests and updates. These days, I'm booting up Gravity Rush 2 and Rainbow Six Siege.


haven't posted on Dtoid in awhile. How is everyone and what have my fellow gamers been up to? :-D


Current Playlist: -Dot Hack G.U.//Last Recode -Nioh -Horizon Zero Dawn -Final Fantasy XV (again) Not listed are the games I wanted to beat but are shoved into the backlog. What have you been playing, friends?


I can't believe my wife Soleil is getting added to Fire Emblem Heroes next week. Time to grind for orbs!!!


Watching my friend play Valkyria Chronicles made me realize why I didn't enjoy Fire Emblem Echoes' story. VC was a lot more grounded, had more enemy imperials that I actually empathize, and the fantasy elements are made special without being ridiculous.


Finally got around to playing Horizon Zero Dawn. Holy crap, I didn't think it was going to be this incredible. It looks and plays great. ^_^


Thinking about if I should get back into Destiny 1. I got refunded for my old copy, but not before using those codes for DLC up to The Taken King. And I don't feel like jumping into Destiny 2, knowing how the last game's business model worked.


I've been playing Dot Hack//G.U. Last Recode, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (again), and Fire Emblem Fates: Conques (AGAIN). What've you been playing, strangers?


Dot Hack Progress Update: "Vol. 1 is kind of a slog. Maybe I should skip to Vol. 2--" Avatar battles introduced "Now I remember why I love this trilogy so much."


I'm so happy Dot Hack has returned. Granted, G.U. hasn't aged well, but it still does things that we rarely see in JRPGs. Wouldn't you want to see a new, modern Dot Hack? CC2 has come a long way, so I hope it happens.


Okay I'm done with Awakening. I don't want to play after reaching Chapter 17. I tried to lower my expectations, but it's just not fun to play and the plot bores me.


Started renting again. I picked up Fire Emblem Awakening for the first time, since it's the only 3DS FE that I didn't play yet. So far the first couple of hours haven't impressed me much.


While replaying The Last of Us, my mom asked me to look around Joel and Sarah's house. I'm pretty sure she would love to play Gone Home.


Recently bought Resident Evil 6 from a PSN sale. Mercenaries is the one reason I was willing to invest in this game one more time. Despite any criticisms I have, this is still one of my favorite Japanese shooters.


Sometimes I listen to a beautiful soundtrack, only to remember how boring and joyless my experience was with the game it came from. Which is what happens when I listen to Fire Emblem Echoes' music.


I've been playing Dark Souls 3, Etrian Odyssey V, and a little bit of Titanfall 2. What've you been playing, friends?


Deciding whether or not I should invest in PS+. I kinda miss playing Titanfall 2 multiplayer, but I'm also waiting for Dot Hack G.U.//Last Recode next month too.


My 3-year old niece beat Monument Valley. I only helped her a couple of times, but it was only to teach her the mechanics. The rest she finished on her own! I'm proud of her and want to nurture that problem-solving brain of hers.


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