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I think this is one of the only times I've seen where the US is colder than Canada.


Probably the closest we'll ever get to a Quake 1 remake. Also it's out now.


Happy Birthday to all! Especially you Panda! And I'm not saying that just because you're the only one I know.


I heard today is the birthday of our very special Taco.


GGman's recent video on disappointing FPS sequels reminded me that Unreal 2 existed and that it's a shame we never got more games to expand on the Unreal universe.


I found a Costco bag of frozen burrito's on the Downtown bus. It was just there in the back with no one around.


Ever wanted to hear what a turtle sounds like having sex? Now you can't unhear it.


My family has been catching a case of Flu season and it seems today it's finally reached me. My nose won't stop running and my eye feels like it's going to fall off.


So which version of Made in Heaven is the best?


Only 5 days in and 2019 already looks like it's gonna be an "Interesting" year.


Was typing in the URL bar and accidentally found out Bob Einstein died today. I'll admit I don't know much about him since it seems the height of his career was before I was born, but I guess that's another name to add to 2019's dead list.


Here's to another. Btw does all alcohol taste the same? Cause I've already had two Ciders, some Belgian Beer and some wine and the only difference is how bitter they were.


Another 6 hours before new years for me. Hope everyone enjoys theirs!


Today is a special day for our resident specialist that constantly tries to siege our minds with Siege. Happy Birthday Soul.


Days like this I wish for a bag of money to fall out of the sky. Even if the falling bag would possibly kill me.


Canvas Bag 2: Electric Screws You.


Quick question how well can a GTX 1050 run DOOM?


Well after years of wanting to do it, I finally got a new graphics card. It was also the last one in stock at my local PC store so I guess I was pretty lucky.


Merry Christmas, may you all enjoy spending time together going medieval on presents and getting drunk on eggnog.


Enjoy the Holidays everyone! And don't hold back when the Mistletoe appears.


I don't drink much, please flood me with suggestions for Christmas drinks.


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