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So while we all mostly agree on the technical aspects of the Demon Souls remake, how do any of you feel about the modernized soundtrack?


To your birth Mike. Dtoid just wouldn't be Dtoid without you.


So how many of those confused xbox sales do you think ended with a scalper flooded with Xbox Ones that they might have a hard time reselling?


People are starting to have fun with the box art.


A fond series from my kid-hood, some of the best music too #OPToid


This song might just perfectly describe this entire week in a nutshell.


I just feel like laughing after seeing this.


In case anyone forgot about Chapter 2 being in development.


Apparently Anime has taken over google.


It isn't large but I still hope you enjoy it on your birthday.


Hope you're having a happy time HomeoftheBlues!


The Live-Action Trend continues...


The Live-action remake trend has now got a firm grip on TV. I hate it.


Walking home I came across a dirty thrown away Budweiser can on the sidewalk. I picked it up and it turned out to still be full. Guess someone threw it away by accident. So Should I drink it?


Been watching this since I played the flash version on Newgrounds years ago. I'm looking forward to it.


You're all now as confused as I am.


Well after installing a windows platform update so I could play a game I recently got on sale my computer now has a bug where my monitor is black screened everytime my browser tries to load a video or picture.... yayyy...


Well we're in the final month of Summer now, and it's been...something.


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