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An unstoppable advance alien species, but the reason they're unstoppable is because their advanced technology is literally magic.


Has anyone had problems where they've been randomly logged off from their account?


To counter Raikus cursed image.


So did anyone have a decent haul from this Steam sale? I think I bought at most an expansion and one other game.


Found the backstory for the next Yakuza game.


I remember playing the 8-hour long demo for this game 3 years ago. It should be almost finished soon and it's around $10 right now. Seriously give it a look.


The guy made a sequel, seriously I kind of wish this was a real game.


Welp it finally got hot enough here that we needed to use the AC. My buns are gonna be glued to my pants for the next few months.


I prefer a salad that's a little more Fruity.


So is anyone doing the Steam Grand Prix event confused as hell at how it works.


Anyone wanna see what peak 80's Japanese TV looked like for School Girls?


I just found out yesterday that I actually have a credit card and never realized it for the past 5 years.


Happy Dad day to all you ankle bitten brothers! It looks like I'm spending this day helping my dad at the family restaurant.


Found this cool piece. I'm eagerly anticipating Eternal.


I just logged into my Steam account and all my funds are GONE! I didn't even buy anything. Has this happened to anyone else?


So I had some errands to run, what did I miss while I was gone?


There is absolutely no chance a commercial FPS would actually feature a weapon this absurd.


People will either go for lewds, or dark humor.


The Pokemon sword legendary made me think, what is with Japan and giving dogs and other similar animals bladed weapons.


So did anyone else think that this was a joke before finding out it was real?


Steam sales don't usually grab me with anything anymore, but the Grim Dawn free trial has convinced me to get it. Anyone mind recommending any other games from this sale?


Anyone looking to replace their old game systems?


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