DeS: Sephora makes esports debut with GIRLGAMER
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I see it's our local JCDent's birthday today. Everyone's posting cannons so have this 100-ton Gun.


Sci-Fi and Cyberpunk are always coming up with made-up futuristic weapons and here's a real-life one that they practically don't even use.


So what's this I've been hearing about how the president is trying to create a space army?


It's Saturday and I have nothing to do, so have this out-of-context image I've been saving. (Because I don't know how to create red text hashtags)


Hey everyone what did I mis- *See's Hokuto ga Gotoku is coming to the west* Holy crap my prediction actually happened!!!


If you could sum up EA's presentation in less than 5 words, then please share. I missed it due to grocery shopping.


Welp just installed that Satellite Reign freebie I got some time ago. I'm going to see what it's all about, this is my first time playing a "Syndicate-Like" game so I have no idea what to expect,


For those who have been wanting a new Descent game.


For those of you who experienced this temporary moment of madness with us. Feel free to either make terrible jokes about it or capture this moment of Privacy Policy madness forever.


One of them is even a bot selling bots.


This just came in the feed today, go wild you E3 speculators.


Well the world of AI assisted writing looks promising for the movie industry.


Today on Things that apparently exist outside of videogames.


It's not out yet, but honestly I had to share this insanity with someone.


Watched Ross's Game Dungeon do a review on Armed & Delirious (a.k.a "Dementia"), I don't think any game now and in the future will ever be as insane as that one.


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