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Anyone who is an art fan will likely get some mileage out of this new series.


Happy Birthday Flanx! Since you mentioned starting a garden here's a tree that reminded me of you.


Just thought I'd share this shitpost I found about the election with y'all.


Guess what day it i- *See's it's Kevin's birthday too* oh....


Happy Birthday Chris, a token for bring us all cheer this past year!


You guys ever had a weird dream that just.... somehow came true later on?


Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you all enjoy it cause I'm too tired from the past couple of days of Uni.


Well Company Porn Vaults are actually a thing.


Some crazy bastard actually did it.


If only fantasy games allowed it.


Dark Chocolate with Fruit-filling.


People have gotten really creative with that character creator. https://twitter.com/sunagimo%20/status/1053287997213356032


So I just found out that the developer who made the excellent Project Warlock is actually almost half-a-decade younger than I am. Really puts my life choices in perspective.


This came up on one of my subscribed channels recently. Is it as bad as people say it is?


JoJo Vento Aureo Episode 2's conclusion.


Forgot to post this yesterday. Happy belated Leif Erikson day!


I like the remix of Medical, but I still kind of prefer the original.


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