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This was too insane not to share.


Came back after suffering a terrible cold to witness the aftermath of a Qtoid meltdown. What did I miss?


Since Pokemon has been making the rounds...


It seems I've missed someone's birthday today, hope it was great Limo!


In spite of peoples opinions on the games, trailers for a new Pokemon always creates a tidal wave of fanart. This one was pretty funny.


I'm not sure if anybody's talked about this yet, but it's pretty neat. Plus a pretty funny coincidence what with the whole PETA Steve Irwin thing going on now.


Tried a bunch of alcohol, and they definitely all taste the same. Planning to get some coolers to see if they're different.


Here is a cat you really should not own as a pet.


This video was made 10 days before the Jump Force review. Weird coincidence huh?


I thought this was pretty cool. Also I saw alot of Ace Combat comments so maybe anyone who likes that series will like this.


Watching cutscenes from the first NMH made me realize just how gloriously absurd the assassins are in a way I didn't understand when I was younger.


For those who have been wanting a second season.


Well I just finished my first programming assignment, and if this is what the first one is like than I'm gonna be fucked over by the last 3.


It seems we are in Shaggy shitposting hour.


So everyone talking about KH3 just reminded me of a few months back when some said they knew someone who only played the "Main-Line" games. Any of you come across people like that?


I think this is one of the only times I've seen where the US is colder than Canada.


Probably the closest we'll ever get to a Quake 1 remake. Also it's out now.


Happy Birthday to all! Especially you Panda! And I'm not saying that just because you're the only one I know.


I heard today is the birthday of our very special Taco.


GGman's recent video on disappointing FPS sequels reminded me that Unreal 2 existed and that it's a shame we never got more games to expand on the Unreal universe.


I found a Costco bag of frozen burrito's on the Downtown bus. It was just there in the back with no one around.


Ever wanted to hear what a turtle sounds like having sex? Now you can't unhear it.


My family has been catching a case of Flu season and it seems today it's finally reached me. My nose won't stop running and my eye feels like it's going to fall off.


So which version of Made in Heaven is the best?


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