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Well Happy late Valentines day to you all Dtoiders! Here's the last image of Valentines you'll see.


For those of you considering Yakuza 7


Happy Birthday Panda! If you're lurking somewhere around here I want to say that I appreciate all you've done for us!


Happy Birthday Wes! It ain't Wednesday but here ya go!


Hey Torch! Why didn't you tell us this was actually happening?


I leave you all with this. I hope you enjoy going down this rabbit hole of insanity.


Well today ended just GREAT with me finding out that my computers BIOS somehow got corrupted yesterday and I had to reinstall everything again.


With all these memes about WW3 I've been seeing around the web, This now being recommended on the suggestions is kind of a funny coincidence.


Nintendo Direct Predictions: Universal announces that the switch will be receiving CATS: The Videogame.


Here's to a hopefully less-lousy New Decade!


Happy birthday Soulbow! here's your G-cake!


Happy Birthday Riff! Have this dancing cat!


Merry Holidays everyone! And a jolly goodnight to y'all!!!


In another universe, Pokemon could have had a Pokemon based on this.


So is there anything worth getting from the ongoing Steam sales?


There are alot of lifeforms out there that are just waiting to be used in a superhero story.


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