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Just grabbed Unreal Tournament (1999) to experience some nostalgia, and wow those bots are ruthless. I remember playing this in the lounge at my university back in the day. A game that is just pure skill.


If you haven't watched The Last Kingdom on Netflix, check it out. On the surface it may seem like a poor man's Game of Thrones, but I actually think I prefer TLK. It's much more grounded and the source material is currently well ahead of the series.


Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning for $5. Yay or Nay? I enjoyed the demo. It seems like a non-isometric Torchlight 2.


Finally finished Tales from the Borderlands, and I loved it. Easily the high point of the Borderlands IP story and character-wise. I would love to see this carry over into Borderlands 3.


Grim Dawn is really hitting the spot right now. I'm loving the Eldritch horror vibes and the consistent rewards and upgrades. I feel like I'm going to be hooked on this game for a while.


Game music is just so fracking good! I've probably pulled the trigger on 5 games over the past couple of weeks after listening to their OSTs. Ruiner's soundtrack is god-tier.


Solid Snake's question replies are my favorite. "What's your name?" "A name means nothing on a battlefield." "How old are you?" "Old enough to know what death looks like." I wonder if he fills out info forms with these answers.


If you're interested in getting into strategy/4X games, Humble has a great bundle going on right now. the Endless games (esp. Endless Space 2) are great introductions to the genre. I'd pay $12 just for the soundtracks.


Chrono Trigger a surprise release on Steam today. I probably didn't enjoy it as much as most, but I'd love to have another go at some point!


Do any of you lovely people have opinions on Stellaris? I've only dabbled in 4X before (CivIV), but the mod support and the soundtrack(my god the soundtrack) have piqued my curiosity. Talk me up or down.


I've got a 20% PSN code up for grabs if anyone's interested. It expires on Monday, though, so better be quick!


If anyone is cyberpunk starved like me, check out Altered Carbon on Netflix. One episode in and I'm already hoping this show gets a second season.


So happy to have finally played The Last Guardian. Even with the expected moments of (extreme!!) frustration, I will remember this one for a good long while.


I likely won't see Star Wars until next week, but I've dipped my toes into KOTOR (first time ever) and classic Battlefront II via Steam. They're both scratching that Star Wars itch quite well. If anyone wants to get a multiplayer game going, let me know!


That's Pillars of Eternity Down. My first true crpg and it really surprised me by the end, in a good way. Excellent writing and amazing art and music! I hope the sequel is just as good.


It took Stranger Things almost 2 full seasons before its first bad episode, but it sure was a stinker.


I Finally beat Dark Souls 3 and apparently missed out on one of the more satisfying endings. Aside from that bit of frustration, I loved it. Now I've got to get my hands on Bloodborne.


Finally finished Mass Effect: Andromeda, a game too big for its own good. Probably a 6 or 7 out of 10 for me, the biggest negative being the trash-tier writing. Re-releasing the original trilogy (w/all DLC) seems like a good next step for the franchise.


Buying textbooks is some major horse shit. If not for resellers and ebay, I would literally cancel my plans to go back to school. Charging $200+ (or even $100+) for a book should be a criminal offence.


I can't imagine anyone here being interested, but...


Steamworld Dig is currently free on Origin! There's no better price than free, as far as I'm concerned.


There are some good sales on going on at the moment. Grabbed myself Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition for less than 5 bucks. This will be the third time I've bought that game (never played the DLC though).


Saw a game called ReBoot on Steam and got excited for a minute before realizing that it's not a port of ReBoot for PS1. A man can dream.


Finally got Mass Effect: Andromeda running at a stable framerate and I must say that I'm really enjoying it. I loved Dragon Age: Inquisition, and this seems very much in the same vein. The crafting menus are awful though, and I already hate scanning.


Heads up for those who like free games! Starpoint Gemini 2 is free on Steam for the next couple of days. The world needs more space sims.


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