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While I fell out of love with gaming this year, I've been loving 3 games I picked up recently: Disco Elysium, Halo: MCC, and Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. All very different, but all are really hitting the sweet spot for me right now.


I've just gotten into Deep Rock Galactic, so if anyone's looking for a co-op partner, add me on Steam (Vanguard Shep)!


I finally finished Hollow Knight after 27 hours (80% completion). It is an extremely well-crafted, gorgeous game that helped me realize that I'm not a huge fan of Metroidvanias.


Any sub-$10 Steam sale recommendations? I'm leaning towards Darkest Dungeon, a game I once refunded. The addition of Radiant Mode and a healthy Steam Workshop has renewed my interest. Talk me up/down! Other recommendations are also welcome.


Finally put Assassin's Creed Origins to rest. I fell off hard near the 40 hour mark, and the game just kept going. I still feel like I would have preferred a shorter, more hand-crafted experience to the endless open world. I really liked Bayek, though.


Just finished watching Gantz:0 on Netflix and friggin loved it. I had no context going in, but I'm eager to see more. The jiggle physics are also top quality.


It looks like Robert Pattinson might be the frontrunner to become the next Batman. I'm sure there will be some backlash, but he's been great in everything I've seen him in, including The Rover and The Lost City of Z. I think he'll do fine.


Age of Wonders 3, a very good fantasy 4X with a focus on tactical combat, is currently free on the Humble Store. I'd be happy to give my extra key (NA region) to anyone who wants it!


PSA: Bethesda is giving away The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind today. The only problem is that to play it you need to download Bethesda's own launcher. Here is the link: https://elderscrolls.bethesda.net/en/tes25


Today I picked up a little gem called Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. It's generally considered one of the best strategy games ever created (if not the best), and after only an hour, I can see why. I think this will be $1.50 well spent.


I just finished a replay of Bioshock 2, and I personally would love to see another Bioshock set in Rapture. I was thinking of potential modern day or near-future scenarios where Rapture is rediscovered and exploited. I would love to hear your ideas!


The opening cinematic of Titanfall 2 got me thinking about other cinematics that get me super hyped to play the game. Despite being my least favorite Souls game, this cinematic always makes me want to give DSII a replay. The vocals give me chills.


My current gaming combo appears to be set for the foreseeable future: Divinity Original Sin 2 and Warframe. I just started Warframe this morning and I've apparently played for more than 4 hours today. It's already much better than I expected.


I don't get around to watching animated films too often, but I just finished How to Train Your Dragon and it was good. Very, very good. I'm excited to catch the others even though I have a feeling that the finale will shatter my emotions.


I thought I was holding my own in Apex Legends for a little while, but I think I'm out. The skill gap is just growing too quickly and I don't want to invest the time to keep up. Back to single player games for me!


Is anyone playing Apex Legends on PC? If so, feel free to add me (KipVanderhoff). It's my first BR experience ever, and I've only played two games, but it's been a good time. I feel bad subjecting randoms to my low skill level, but DToiders will do!


John Wick 3 trailer. Cannot wait. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7XM597XO94


Just grabbed Unreal Tournament (1999) to experience some nostalgia, and wow those bots are ruthless. I remember playing this in the lounge at my university back in the day. A game that is just pure skill.


If you haven't watched The Last Kingdom on Netflix, check it out. On the surface it may seem like a poor man's Game of Thrones, but I actually think I prefer TLK. It's much more grounded and the source material is currently well ahead of the series.


Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning for $5. Yay or Nay? I enjoyed the demo. It seems like a non-isometric Torchlight 2.


Finally finished Tales from the Borderlands, and I loved it. Easily the high point of the Borderlands IP story and character-wise. I would love to see this carry over into Borderlands 3.


Grim Dawn is really hitting the spot right now. I'm loving the Eldritch horror vibes and the consistent rewards and upgrades. I feel like I'm going to be hooked on this game for a while.


Game music is just so fracking good! I've probably pulled the trigger on 5 games over the past couple of weeks after listening to their OSTs. Ruiner's soundtrack is god-tier.


Solid Snake's question replies are my favorite. "What's your name?" "A name means nothing on a battlefield." "How old are you?" "Old enough to know what death looks like." I wonder if he fills out info forms with these answers.


If you're interested in getting into strategy/4X games, Humble has a great bundle going on right now. the Endless games (esp. Endless Space 2) are great introductions to the genre. I'd pay $12 just for the soundtracks.


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