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Jojo got an American adaptation.


In Everybody's Golf, I always get the two button prompt, instead of three, regardless of whether or not I have auto-impact on. Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?


Just saw a line of honking cars held up, because there was a man who stood in the cross walk and did kung fu until the light changed. What I'd give to be as free as him.


Wes's Theme Song


Schooled: Video Games Taught Me How to Love

For the first time in my life, a naked girl lies beneath me. She's stiff as a board, arms straight, fingers locked to the edges of the mattress. "Don't cum. Don't cum. Please, don't cum," she begs. I slap around, writhing the way fish ...


2010 hot take: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is a really fucking good game that never got the recognition it deserved.


Playing Hellblade and enjoying it, but once I realized I could use Focus to slow down enemy attacks, I have to wonder why they even bothered to put combat in the game.


So, This is Why You Guys Like the PS4 So Much

I tried to drink myself too sick to come to work last night. It's a game I play with myself some Wednesday nights when I'm feeling depressed, frustrated, or annoyed with my job. I mean, I could just text that I don't feel well to my bo...


Will Nintendo launch the virtual console, yet? Or will they continue to hold it back while they release nostalgia consoles? Tune in and find out, kids!


So, it turns out I love Heath bars. The world opens up anew once more.


Just saw a porn gif of a guy cumming on a coed's birthday cake, and it's like what the fuck is wrong with people? That cake is ruined.


This fresh faced young golfer hails from the distant city of Silent Hill.


I'm the golfer of your dreams.


Gimme them names! I'm adding all my real friends tonight, so this is your last chance to make the cut.


Shit, I did it. I just bought a PS4 for $169.


I kind of want to get a PS4 just to play everybody's golf.


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