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Oh, wow. I thought I knew her inside and out, but it turns out she's full of surprises.


Charles Manson dead and Muscle Princess III releasing on the same day? Truly another amazing day to not be Sharon Tate's baby.


The End For Me

This morning, I rode the bus to work listening to teenagers shouting about touching dicks with half an elderly Mexican woman clutching a sack of potatoes in my lap. I tried not to get a boner, tried not to kill myself, tried to focus o...


DToid will be running smoother than ev--


"We only want people to abuse the system with their wallets" --Dice


I've always found the survival game to be more intriguing in concept than practice, but hot damn Crashlands is exactly what I want out of the genre. It's more acrade focused with a focus on combat and exploration without insta-death or degrading weapons.




Get born, Spiders For Sale. I hear I swallow sixteen of you every night.


Sometimes the bus is so full you end up with half an elderly Mexican woman on your lap.


Crunch peanut butter, right, guys?


She's here.


Muscle Princess is the only Mobile Game You Need

NOTE: It would be best if you went into this game like an uncle on Christmas Eve, raw and unexpected. I'm going to spoil some stuff. The game is $2.50 on Google Play. You'll thank me. But if you feel you need more convincing than my so...


Today we had a Day of the Dead party over lunch at work. But in my heart I knew it was a Churros birthday party.


I haven't been disturbed by a movie in years, but Twentynine Palms, that shit got me.


On Rush was oddly the best looking thing to come out of Sony's conference for me.


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