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Mobile Ass Trash: MealMate

Hey, now. Look at me. I’m a hardcore gamer. I spent ten minutes tapping my phone on my way to work, and I beat an entire video game. Which entire video game? you might ask. The answer is so simple it might astound you: It was som...


I mean, he at least knows his audience.


I feel bad for Nintendo's Zelda dev team. They must be under constant pressure and yet hopeless to the fact that they'll never top Minish Cap.


Look, assholes. I made a book.


Got to start the day off right, kids.


Feel free to send me all your most cherished family photos.


Also, if someone could please and thank you kill me.


If Oprah runs for President, then an election is just a formality.


Vignettes is a serious gem, a game to get lost in. Check it out, folks.


Walking to the bus station, little kid dashes past, clops to a stop, looks over his shoulder, and shouts to the crowd, "I didn't even see him, and I'm white!"


Happy New Year's, folks.


Picking just the right name can be tough.


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