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There will never be another Devil May Cry game where you can just play as Dante.


made a witch


playing with pixel art.


#caturday Finished Stray like the bunch of ya. It's fun and cute. Story's what you'd expect for dystopia stuff and I wish the movement weren't so contextual, but still happy to have played it.


Current status:


Just another day in the life of your beautiful and beloved Orange Boots Baby.


Me begging my water bottle to please not dribble directly onto my dick while I'm drinking.


If you all want to be notified for whatever perverted shit I buy on Steam before the Hot Game Summer comes to an end, I'm Vadicta on there as well, and I'm happy to be your friend. Who knows? I might even spread the love ;)


Was looking up immersive sims during the Steam Summer Sale, and holy shit porn games are going crazy nowadays. I remember playing games where I had to memorize every detail about a girl in seven days to maybe see a boob; now it's a full bj in the trailer!


Just finished my latest playthrough of Resident Evil 4. I'm officially a pro at it--even if it took over 200 deaths. That's what we in the business call failing up, baby! I'm dropping my dogshit thoughts on this ancient relic in the comments.


Front pasge still hasn't run the Pac-Man news. Disappointing. I guess this is what cancel culture is all about.


Yo! You're all going on Persona this MegaMan than yadyada blahdyblahblahblah all whilst ignoring what is quite clearly the real shit.


Open world Katamari Demacy.


I just keep replaying Resident Evil 4. Every time I think about it I play it, and every time I play it I don't stop. It simply doesn't get old. This, however, will be my first full playthrough on Professional mode. Same game but with 10% more bullshit.


I've been playing Resident Evil 7 off and on for over a year now, and I'm at less than five hours of playtime. I think I just have to admit that I don't like the game very much.


Crimes of the Future is a mesmerizing fetish of a film. It's bottomless in thematic threads. It's a nonstop cavalcade of gory cyberkink. It's a religious experience. I honestly haven't seen a movie I've felt this strongly about in a long time.


Gotta dress to impress. Going to see CRIMES OF THE FUTURE!!! tonight


Ya'll don't give my shit enough hearts. I'm dying out here. I'm so bad at everything, and yet I usually have to survive on BBQ or TOT instead of your love. I'm drunk. Thank you.




Can't believe I just learned that headshots do nothing in the RE2make. How did Capcom get away with that? Every time I domed a zombie, Clair should have shook her head and muttered, "That does the same amount of damage as shooting it anywhere else."


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