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Heads up, everyone. Here's a life hack I learned about last night. Apparently, if you want to easily slice off half of your fingernail and bleed profusely for a bit, a potato peeler will work womders! Cuts through that shit smooth as butter!


Haven't watched a movie in months, but rolled the dice on 12 Hour Shift. It rocks! Very wild and bloody dark comedy with a weirdly operatic metal soundtrack that doesn't super fit but still kicks ass. It has Mick Foley in it too. Check it out, nerds!


About five months ago, I got some new book cases to open up the living room some more. I finally got around to organizing the books. #shelfietoid


My cat, the master of stealth.


Who the hell lays like this?


First time making zucchini casserole, and I can't wait to eat the fucking shit out of it!!


Oh my fucking god!


How many signs of the apocalypse do we need packed into a single year?


Some topical humor we can all enjoy.


My first attempt messing around with digital drawing.


So fucking pumped!!!


Girlfriend's dad's birthday today. I made some peanut butter and chocolate ice cream chunked to death with fat-ass brownie boulders. All made from scratch.


Pinnochio makes a very good sissy fuckboy.




Folks, I've lived a long life. It's been one full of adventure, promise, despair, and joy. But I have to admit one thing to all of you--I still have no fucking clue what "based" is supposed to mean.

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Ain't nothing spookier than a motherfucker rising from the grave with nothing but vengeance on his mind.


That Kyle Yadlosky guy is a fucking cuck.


"Because we're a Miller Lite family."


Food for thought: Ninjas suck.


On the elevator ride to B1, one person said, "You're going to B1, but I already am one!" to which everyone left the elevator laughing, except for your hero, who was hanging from the ceiling by a noose wound out of his own underwear.


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