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Since Jiraya made a super sexy horror movie poster featuring yours truly, I decided to do another one, this time #infecToid-ing our most happening cat, NeoTurbo.


Colonel Sanders is getting real.


So, in homage to the trend of people making money just putting two popular things together, I'm going to write Ghost Bust-kowski--It's Ghostbusters as written and led by Charles Bukowski. The next time you see me will be from the peak of money mountain.


Some bitches got #infecTOID by me, since Angie had slapped together some bullshit poster of me in a comments section and spread the contagion into my most humble regions. Calling out Dere, ZombZzzz, Gaj, and Wes.


I'm not even a huge fan of Die Hard, but goddamn that's a nice poster.

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I got to say, for all my love of horror in all its forms, Silent Hill 2 bored me half to death.


Time to reveal my true form.


Walking from lunch, I saw this woman open a wide grin, walk toward me, and shout, "Uh Oh!" like as a greeting, but I didn't recognizer her. And then she shouted,"Major Pigeon!" and walked to where a pigeon was standing in a parking lot and stared at it.


Watching the Ninja Scroll series with my girlfriend, and holy shit it's like my childhood is rushing right back through me.


THQ Nordic and Humble have a good PS4 bundle going right now.

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Jojo got an American adaptation.


In Everybody's Golf, I always get the two button prompt, instead of three, regardless of whether or not I have auto-impact on. Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?


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