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Guys, I did it! I'm officially a gamer boi again! I got a ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14, and I'm so pumped! It's the first computer I bought that's cost more than $100 dollars in several years!


Tried posting this last night, but I guess it never went through.


Thanks to Sundance handling its virtual showcase exactly like a physical one right down to tickets selling out for a fucking streaming event, I won't be able to see Prisoners of the Ghostland for its premiere, and my heart is just a little bit broken.


Happy birthday, Wes. Thanks for taking that video of yourself eating a hotdog off your toilet and sharing it with us all. I still think of it fondly.


This is exactly the right kind of really fucking stupid for me. Happy weekend everyone.


What's some quality Japanimation on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Tubi? Need some new stuff to watch, but I want the good shit. None of that shit that people who type nani, senpai, and uwu would watch. I'm an adult.


Dead Cells is the first rougelike I've played where I think I'd enjoy it so much more if it wasn't a rougelike at all.


Talk about desperate.


Apparently, MF DOOM has been dead since Halloween. What the fuck? RIP.


KFC is releasing a console with a built-in chicken heating basket. Guess you could say the console wars just got a new Colonel--but you shouldn't.


Gave streaming Gamepass to my phone a shot tonight, and I have to admit I'm pretty impressed. I tried DOOME, and didn't notice any latency issues. I could easily see myself playing the entire game like this.


They should have done a prequel and called it Mass Cause.


Busdriver was the first MC to get me interested in hip-hop, and this song (the whole album really) only gets more satisfying every year.


Christmas baking has officially begun! Cinnamon sugar butter cookies that melt right in your goddamn stupid little bitch-ass mouth!


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