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Over $200 for the Playdate with shipping? I don't know about this.


Charlton Heston's birthday, you fools. You've all been had!


Turns out I'm not over this shit!


Never mind, I'm already over this shit!


Well, fuck me running. Are they sure?


Oh god, I want a Steam Deck so bad. I need to reserve one. Fuck, this suuuucks. I was happy to sit on my high horse and laugh as the PS5 scumbags scrounged and suffered. Now I too shall wallow in the techno scarcity dumpster and gorge on its greasy runoff


WHO CAN I TRUST???????????


I didn't bring enough caffeine to work, folks. You all can keep going on about video games, but I'm about to fucking DIE.


Bold to assume I would need to know anything about this.


I think this is the only metal album I really like.


Celebrated the 4th by watching The Devils. It's exactly as good as everyone's made it out to be over the years. Some images in there I'll have tucked into the back of my mind forever.


All these mfs promising kitties in their double-posts and not a single cute furball in sight. Getting me pissed off.


Griftlands is like a sci-fi, deckbuilding Way of the Samurai, and I am very much into that.


A $400 console.


Tried the Anthony disqus login, and after several hours I'm officially logged in--as an account that I haven't used since highschool complete with a picture of me at 16. So, yeah, I think I'm going to pretend I can't comment.


So it begins...


Big Zombie Burger energy.


Just got an order from Headpress, the peeps who put out that Nixon v Leatherface book. They're the last place where you can get this at non-suicide prices and in sexy hardback no less. Big recommend!


This may appeal to some (exactly one) of you.


This is a good door.


When I was a kid I used to chew my fingernails all the time. My mom told a doctor we were getting pizza, and he was all Oh What's your favorite topping? Fingernails? Do you just want a pizza covered in fingernails? And I was like yeah, maybe I fucking do.


Ah yes, just what I've spent my life searching for. Thanks.


Man, I wish Darkest Dungeon came out about 15 years ago.


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