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When you're hit with that salami smell on the bus, and you're like, "Is that the dirty camo man sitting next to me or the Italian sandwich in my satchel?" but either way you're ready to eat.


Going through my Spotify Top Songs 2017, and I didn't realize that I listened to every single song by Mike Kroll so much.

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Hey, do you guys want to do one of those much lauded Dtoid fundraisers for $1000, so I can go on a Caribbean cruse and get a degree in being Santa Claus?


Just got a book in about how we all just need to relax and let Donald Trump be Donald Trump--AS IF WE CAN FUCKING STOP HIM.


How about Batman where Kanye West is Batman and JayZ is Two Face? Call it Beezy.


TMW you vomit a little into your throat and swallow it back down, and you're like "what did I even eat that tasted like that?" and you roll through your memory of lunch and breakfast, and you're like, "Right. Doritos."


So deadly bored at work that I made myself Christmas.