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Dragon Quest IV DS: Some impressions

Since the Dragon Quest IV remake for the DS came out a few days earlier in Australia and Europe than in the US, I've been playing it for quite a while now and thought I share some impressions. First off, the game is pretty huge - I'm cur...


Feel the hatred: PAL conversions

[Editor's note: I never truly understood how bad PAL gamers had it until reading Perry Simm's Monthly Musing piece. -- CTZ]I know what you think: "I have heard the whinings of the PAL gamers often enough and know them inside out by ...


The start of the affair: The Atari ST

I really can't remember which was first: The Atari ST or the Sega Master System. One of these two systems, both belonging to my parents, introduced me to video gaming. But I'm quite sure I spent more time with the Atari ST, just because i...


LucasArts mocks adventure game fans

Today Eurogamer asked LucasArts employees Chris Norris (PR manager) and Jeffrey Gullett (Fracture assistant producer) the one question that's on the heart of possibly every adventure game nostalgic in the world: "Are you ever going to ma...


Games that were different: Leisure Suit Larry

The great thing about the various series of adventure games by Sierra during the 80s and 90s was that they offered something for everybody. If you wanted to discover fairy-tale landscapes and rescue princesses from evil witches, then you ...


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Feel the hatred: PAL conversions