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Dunno if anyone remembers Psikyo's Fighting game Fallen angels (vastly underrated 1998 arcade game) but a complete version is being worked on, arcade then console https://twitter.com/Satoshi68k/status/1132619587000791041


You know its officially announced that gaming addiction is the disease ? ...i think EA are the cure


Weird new handheld console https://play.date/


THQ Nordic acquires studio behind Gothic, Risen and ELEX RPGs https://twitter.com/THQNordic/status/1131122990278569984 Most their games are the very definition of eurojank, they set their sites quite high but perhaps due to talent, time,budget they never


Warframe big update now live on pc, boss is bugged as hell but still fun


Sims 4 is free for a limited time on Origin


Just noticed on Uplay Steep Is currently free (that sounds a contradiction lol)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIBgu9qdH2U So Samurai showdown has a AI mode where it can learn your play style and you can fight against....I cannot wait to play with myself Lol


Age of wonders III is currently free on Humble bundle https://www.humblebundle.com/


Poll on twitter voting for what system you would like R-type Final 2 on https://twitter.com/rtypefinal2%20/status/1125392249590706176 .....i voted steam


New Indie fighting game coming in June https://store.steampowered.com/app/941020/BAYANI%20/ can try the demo here https://www.bayaniph.com/download-the-demo ,feels very similar to a few indie fighters i have tried


Dunno if anyones tried this Demons Tilt a Pinball game very influenced by Dragons fury/ Devil crush but with shoot em up elements, its great fun and i hope they do expand on it


WTF is a INTELLIVISION AMICO and why is a new Earthworm jim game exclusive to it https://twitter.com/TommyTallarico/status/1123579100877037568


Pc Version of MK 11 seems pretty good though has a weird glitch with hair on a lot of characters Check out Kano "edit" seems to be a AA problem switching it to Fxaa or off seems to sort out the blurryness though still looks a little odd though


Assassins Creed Unity being given away for free and Ubisoft Donating money to Notre Dame https://news.ubisoft.com/en-us/article/348227/supporting-notre-dame-de-paris


Seems with Anthem Bioware are looking for a Systems designer for Loot I heard there is only a 0.000035% chance of getting the job


https://twitter.com/Capcom%20/status/1117789673680769026/video/1 Ooo i am excited hoping for a CPS 2 collection, and it was showing AVP which is one of my fav scrolling beat em ups ever


R-type Final 2 Teaser https://rtypefinal2.com/


Grim Dawn Expansion out next Wed https://store.steampowered.com/app/897670/Grim%20/ The base game i had backed on Kickstarter and it is great, though can be a hard almost frustratingly so at times


Well atari vcs now delayed till later in the year https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/atari-vcs-game-stream-connect-like-never-before#/updates/all I still think its a scam though


The new Warframe update is just great, melee combat much better but now with missions like Survival and excavation you can choose to leave when you want


More bloodstained showing graphic improvements


Thimbleweed park free on Epic steam store, ahh i love a good old style point and click till march the 7th which will then have Slime rancher


Million arthur arcana blood coming to steam


Snk heroines coming to steam https://twitter.com/gatoray%20/status/1096329163563184128/video/1


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