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This came out of the blue, Marvel vs capcom style fighting game now on Kickstarter


I swear i am seeing so much about micro transactions and loot boxes that i had a dream last night.....and i had to pay to unlock the rest of my dream


Killer Instinct now out on steam Hellboy coming to injustice 2


Fantasy Strike is getting a Free weekend to try the Alpha version, Fighting game that takes the Rising Thunder route of simplifying moves


If anyone is having slow issues with steam at the moment, Steam,Settings Delete Web browser cache


Just saw on a website that destuctoid are letting go, Laura Dale, Vikki Blake and Joe Parlock at the end of the month....that sucks i really liked their stuff


Did i miss a announcement for guilty gear 2 overture coming to pc ? or was it a stealth release


got this today Due to limited stock and unprecedented demand you have not been successful in your application for a Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition download key, so not enough shelf space for the stock then


If only Digital Homicide put as much effort into making a game publishers selling stuff in the uk beware


Streetfighter V Beta impressions

    Played from 4pm till about 10 pmSo impressions are it does seem a little bit more beginner friendly, moves that would have been harder in SSF4 such as Light punch to medium punch links are easier here, not having a Focus cance...


New Blazblue: Central Fiction game

As much as a i like the Blazblue game i think the amount of releases it is getting is a bit mad with the amount of versions, plus several versions had dlc characters. I  have a feeling that guilty gear xrd may go the same way. &n...


Will the crowd funding bubble burst ?

I am still a big user of crowdfunding sites i have donated to a fair few games so far. From skull girls and grim dawn up to the more recent beasts fury. I think crowd funding has its place and thankfully i have not been burned as of yet bu...


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