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Anyone else had there taste in games change over the years ?, I used to love Turn based games (especially RPGS) but now not so much i wonder if its because my patience and time is so much less


Hmm, "edit" oh just as i come across this Jim sterling has now done a video lol


I have seen this for a while but dunno if its worldwide, Too human showing as free on the xbox.com


Finally Destiny 2 was installed...played about 15 min and was constant server issues so hopefully better tomorrow


Freespace 2 currently free on gog https://www.gog.com/game/freespace%20


Did anyone try Devils hunt i am just wondering what its like https://store.steampowered.com/app/887720/Devils%20/?snr=1%20 ?


Two of my Fav shoot em ups ever are coming DeathSmiles and DeathSmiles II not sure what formats i would assume ps4 and switch https://twitter.com/claricedisc/status/1173114984932339712


Pretty Epic Fan Made Sonic fighting game, makers site and link to there discord to download it here https://twitter.com/%20


Endless space is currently free on humble bundle site


Dunno if anyone has tried this Mugen game Twitter for makers here https://twitter.com/CUFangame Rather good and i really think Capcom should make a Vs like game with just their characters

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPgJmbPxmMY [/youtube]


Dirty rally free for a few days https://humblebundle.com


Demolition man is one of my fav movies and i think it was far ahead of its time with some of its predictions


Hyper light Drifter and Mutant war zero are free on Epic store


Got a pack of bacon with a thing saying "peel here" and it actually peeled it all of smoothly with out ripping......makes me smile as its such a rare thing


https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rarebreedmakesgames/blazing-strike looks promising i hope it does well but to be honest do not often see many fighting games on crowdfunding apart from Skull girls, Yatsagaru and....erm Beasts fury (which went bad)


Epic store roadmap seems a distant memory now, i wonder if it was for next year ?


Age of wonders III currently free https://store.steampowered.com/app/226840/Age%20/


God i hate it when companies announce a game and My reaction is YAY.....followed by a awwwww crap, Like New capcom game with reoccuring characters,...but its a mobile card game, A new fist of the north star game ....but its a mobile game.


Thinking of doing a blog/video about Microtransactions and the costs of mobile and other free to play games as i think they get let off the hook purely because they are free but the pricing of stuff is ludicrous, what does everyone else think ?


Game i backed and forgot about finally came out, Hardcore mecha. Rather good so far


When i was working it was weird when i had a couple of days off, would not feel like gaming and then the night before going back to work try and cram as much gaming as possible in just a few hours


Got the free update to Project Nimbus game On PC which makes it the complete edition, awesome Mech aerial combat game and now tons of improvements and finally a silky smooth frame rate


I do wonder why partners and families have trouble comprehending that i cannot pause a online game


I really am not a fan of Arena fighters


Got news?  [email protected]


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Neo Cab"Hop in, Mac, where ya headed?"


Stela"Can't you hear me yell-a?"


Inmost"Apple Arcade Wave 2"


Call of Duty: Mobile"Pwn on phone"


John Wick Hex"Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat"


Indivisible"If the kids are united..."


Concrete Genie"A sweet tag"


Hearthstone: Saviors of Uldum: Tombs of Terror"Depleting the world's supply of colons one expansion at a time"


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In other sale news, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is going for $18 on I hope it stays that price until I get paid next!


Hey guys, I hate to post this, but I think Im going to need some finicial More info in the (Afternoon bump)


Blizzard be like we never lost

Destructoids Very Own Ein

Why does my asshole cat keep pooping behind the


Never heard of this game But it sounds great! I wonder if it will ever jump to


Welp, I finally got back ALL my party members in Dragon Quest XI this weekend!

Electric Reaper

I played the browser game First time, I tried being vaguely competent, filled the meters, and nothing 2nd time, I tried to be the absolute worst, and got The game has a clear


#arbitrarymetal This album has some of the most touching lyrics Ive This is mostly instrumental, but still just raw and

Nathan D

So apparently the closest theater to me that is going to be showing The Lighthouse is an hour and a half #Spooktober

Spooky RiffRaff

Mmmmmmmm, wall



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