NE: Babymetal summons Ninjala to Switch
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Shadowrun returns free on humble bundle for limited time


Horror Themed Fighting game Terrordrome has now appeared on Kickstarter and includes a demo which got some footage from


John Bain, TotalBiscuit passed away yesterday, I knew the cancer had returned but was not expecting to get so bad as quick as it did


Mothergunship demo on steam, from the makers of Tower of guns i believe. Good fun and gun crafting reminded me of Resonance of Fate,


Sunset overdrive rated in Korea for the PC


Unreal Gold free on


If anyone is looking for a decent old school beat em up would say try Fight N Rage plays really well and graphics are decent, but also has a really amazing soundtrack


Random Thought, Anyone remember old arcade games if you put your Name as AAA it would default to something else like with Capcom games it was CAP......what did the people feel whos initials were AAA ??


Satellite Reigns is free on the humble bundle site ( i had backed it previously) pretty cool Syndicate style game (original from bullfrog not the fps update )


Main page reviews...1/10 for the film truth or dare and then 10/10 for god of war....wonder how often that happens


The game that got me into bullet hell shooters coming to switch and ps4 hoping the (in My opinion) superior sequel comes though


For anyone looking to get into video editing Vegas pro 14 back on humble bundle


Bullet witch coming to PC what on earth ? was the first xbox 360 game i ever got....and it was only ok


Dunno why but had old destructoid article bookmarked .......glad to see Koei tecmo have learnt from previous mistakes (sarcasm)


Well this came out of the blue I really was not expecting a remaster of Battlezone 2


This came out of the blue, Marvel vs capcom style fighting game now on Kickstarter


I swear i am seeing so much about micro transactions and loot boxes that i had a dream last night.....and i had to pay to unlock the rest of my dream


Killer Instinct now out on steam Hellboy coming to injustice 2


Fantasy Strike is getting a Free weekend to try the Alpha version, Fighting game that takes the Rising Thunder route of simplifying moves


If anyone is having slow issues with steam at the moment, Steam,Settings Delete Web browser cache


Just saw on a website that destuctoid are letting go, Laura Dale, Vikki Blake and Joe Parlock at the end of the month....that sucks i really liked their stuff


Did i miss a announcement for guilty gear 2 overture coming to pc ? or was it a stealth release


got this today Due to limited stock and unprecedented demand you have not been successful in your application for a Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition download key, so not enough shelf space for the stock then


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