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Company of heroes 2 free on steam at the moment


Well this is random Gods Remastered now on steam Incase people have not heard of it is a remake of a Bitmap brother game which i know for amiga but was released on 16 bit consoles to


Outcast second contact free on humble bundle


Yay got my poster


Sins of solar empire: Rebellion free for limited time


Lol the PC classic mini god the pitch video needs a better sound recording


Fighting Layer EX for Steam will not have any DRM


Pubg and Pes2019 free for xbox for limited time and they are up for preorder now ....i think will be a very limited run i have preordered mine


Hellgate london coming back to steam


Dunno if anyone read the book The Untold History Of Japanese games developer, which i thought was a really cool book. The creator is now working on a new book


Divinity Original Sin Documentary now out


This Dragonball 3d lenticular art my god i want


Fightin layer Ex teased for steam


Got my physical release of Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six stars i backed on Kickstarter


A game from my teen years is currently free on the Microsoft store Lemmings


Some free games




Resonance of fate Age rated in germany if you search for Resonance comes up for Ps4 and PC, One of my fav RPGS last gen and great combat system


Grim Dawn Is an Awesome ARPG

I seem to mention this game every now and then in the comments so i wanted to do an opinion/review of this game It has the honour of being the first game i ever backed on Kickstarter  Which was launched in 2012 and got a earl...


I dunno if this the game that is to be announced but if you go to a image appears saying Samurai Spirits coming 2019 Edit it is trailer here


THQ nordic have got the Ip for Kingdoms of Amalur I really liked the game as it was the game i wanted Fable to be


Just wondering with Disqus comments....why is it having comments and then saying " 2 hours from now" it now time travel ? free on humble bundle Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine


Streets of rage 4 announced


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