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A Yordle Plays Undertale

I usually hate Twitch and most "Let's Play" videos since I'd rather play games than watch others do it. Undertale's changed that a bit since, well, without spoilers, one of my endings made me decide it was time to take a more passive role, ...

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Video Games Live's Newest Release Melts Jaded Heart

I love game music. I love nostalgia for my old games, and I usually feel like anytime anyone tries to change or recreate the things I love, they're going to fail and earn my hatred.�Video Games Live: Level 3... doesn't do that. In fact, ...


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Dengar's been around the block. He's been a Duck Hunter, a Magic the Gathering Wizard, and Pokemon Master. He's traveled space and time to fight a space hedgehog in the year 1999 and has been an earthbound boy getting homesick while battling a pile of puke. He can be usually be found among the regular folks doing small, practical things that make games more enjoyable for the masses, paving the way for smarter, more optimistic players to do the awesome things smart, optimistic people can do.

Somehow, he's been allowed to lead gaming groups, write about games and culture, and has even been allowed to teach English to non-native speakers.