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Those new PSVR controllers looking kinda weird, but in a weird good way? I dig em. Given how powerful this gen seems to be, it'll be neat to see how another PSVR pans out.


Where is that next gen mecha game though? God I really want another Armored Core.


So Microsoft eating up Bethesda to beef up Game Pass. How do people feel about that idea? On one hand, games are getting pricey at $70. On the other, this is probably gonna lead to Sony and other companies doing the same. Likes? Dislikes? Hentai?


Why make lists when Katawa Shoujo exists? Already have perfection.


So like what’s the over/under on Florida man getting arrested for fighting Toad. That’s happening. I want in on that bet. Let’s make some money.


Outriders is pretty fun. Story looks interesting and the powersets between the 4 classes all seem unique. Really dug the trickster and how borderline broken that seemed. But idk. Feel stung by games as a service titles. Don't really wanna buy into it.


There is no smell of the game. Only pain. Pain and tears.


Thing I didn’t like about Octopath is that the story kinda sucked and there was no real chemistry with the cast. That project triangle thingie seems to have a stronger story and more engaging combat system. Demo is fun too. Can’t wait to check it out.


That direct had video games in it. That's the take.


I really wish that you could skip the combat in 13 Sentinels. The art for the attacks looks great, but how it's actually presented doesn't do it for me. The story however is great. I would totally enjoy a visual novel mode without the combat.


For people that actually managed to snag a PS5. That new God of War update is out. Real neat of the devs to do that for free.


welp that didn't last long. Google already shutting down their internal Stadia studios


Hot take: Nintendo’s games would be better with devs outside Nintendo. Like Metroid done by id Software or some shit like that. That would rock.


Gonna post a thing/vent about what happened in our totally normal day the other day in this here quick post




When did the Game Pass version of Tetris Effect get VR? idk when but I'm glad it did. Probably my favorite VR game on the PSVR. It is so calming and chill. Love it. Glad the Game Pass version got VR support.


Give everyone a $2000 check. Why is this political shit gotta be so hard? Why is it so hard for people to do the right thing? This country is so backwards ass on damn near everything in comparison to the rest of the world.


Wish Genshin Impact wasn't so grindy. Lot of content is locked behind Adventure Rank and leveling that up is honestly the worst. It gets noticably more difficult once you're in AR 20+


Oh I wanna do a list thing. Top games that I thought were super neat? Yeah sure. This year were Half-Life Alyx, Hades, Ghost of Tsushima, FF7: Remake, and Fall Guys.


Star Wars is better as a TV series.


The juxtaposition between people that want to play as an anti-establishment radical and those same exact people justifying crunch and lying to consumers as perfectly acceptable business practices is just astounding.


This did not age well at all.


I will never get over Sephiroth stabbing Mario


Anyone still playing Miles Morales on the PS5? Check your updates! Devs pushed out a new one that adds another visual option. Performance ray tracing. Not as good as the one in fidelity, but ray tracing at 60 fps. Best of both worlds.


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