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I feel bad for the team behind Returnal. Don’t think there’s been much marketing on it, full price $70 games, and feel like they gotta compete with both the Nier remake and Village.


This whole thing with Sony delaying Monster Hunter on PC and it being a total bullshit is a good example of why folks gotta stop getting their news from social media.


John Garvin is full of shit. That's the quickpost. Gonna hit the post button right now.


They got me. I’m gonna give Apple Arcade a shot for Fantasian. God I don’t think it’ll last that month though. I mean this in the kindest way possible. There is just a deluge of shit on this. I would rather have directly paid for it vs a Apple Arcad


That urgent Mizutsune quest seems to be a real wall online. Seen so many triple cart on that. An-oh uh. Well shit while I was writing this just got a group that cleared it lmao. Either way, Rise is starting to get harder here. Love it.


I've played Monster Hunter Rise for 45+ hours. I just now figured out that you can zoom the camera back.


Starting to get into the hub quests in Rise. It’s just so amazingly quick how you can go from being inside the hub to out there on the quest. Probably the most fun I’ve had with Monster Hunter game in awhile.


You know that 5 seconds you get with Outriders before the server kicks you out is pretty fun.


People be like the council but never about that hentai


idk if Rise is bad at explaining some stuff or I'm just a dummy or both. Figured out that you can do a little air dash/jump after using a wirebug. You can even go in any direction you want too. It's honestly sick. Just wish I figured that out sooner lol


I'm up to 4 star village quests. I just now realized that you can swap the voice acting to Monster Hunter language.


Getting the RE Engine to work on the Switch is something I really hope gets a behind the scenes look. Kinda thought the next Switch Mon Hun would have been another Generations like game. It's such a neat thing Capcom did with that. Looks great.


Oh my copy of Rise got delayed til tomorrow. My day is ruined.


What's up with Fall Guys Season 4 having a dope new music? They didn't need to go this hard, but they did and I love them for it.


Anyone else get really embarrassed when they look online and see people like bashing other consoles? Like as an adult, I just get all the things because I have money and they beat back that existential dread. When I see that I think back to my teens aaaaa


If you deleted the PS4 version of Marvel's Avengers to say make room for the PS5 version of Marvel's Avengers, you have to redownload it again because for whatever backwards ass reason you have to migrate your save from there to the PS5 version.


Those new PSVR controllers looking kinda weird, but in a weird good way? I dig em. Given how powerful this gen seems to be, it'll be neat to see how another PSVR pans out.


Where is that next gen mecha game though? God I really want another Armored Core.


So Microsoft eating up Bethesda to beef up Game Pass. How do people feel about that idea? On one hand, games are getting pricey at $70. On the other, this is probably gonna lead to Sony and other companies doing the same. Likes? Dislikes? Hentai?


Why make lists when Katawa Shoujo exists? Already have perfection.


So like what’s the over/under on Florida man getting arrested for fighting Toad. That’s happening. I want in on that bet. Let’s make some money.


Outriders is pretty fun. Story looks interesting and the powersets between the 4 classes all seem unique. Really dug the trickster and how borderline broken that seemed. But idk. Feel stung by games as a service titles. Don't really wanna buy into it.


There is no smell of the game. Only pain. Pain and tears.


Thing I didn’t like about Octopath is that the story kinda sucked and there was no real chemistry with the cast. That project triangle thingie seems to have a stronger story and more engaging combat system. Demo is fun too. Can’t wait to check it out.


That direct had video games in it. That's the take.


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