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I liked all the things especially the things I really liked.


Resident Evil 2 was released almost 21 years ago. Holy hell I feel old.


Can we agree that teasing a console/PC only for it to be a mobile game is objectively a massive fuck you? It seems like the worst thing to do as a game company.


John Smith before VR: These VR games look kinda dumb. John Smith after VR: I AM EATING A DONUT. WHAT A GOOD TIME THIS IS. PSVR is neato and way more immersive than I could have ever thought.


First real tourney of Smash Ultimate is looking really good right now. People should check it out! https://www.twitch.tv/vgbootcamp


I don't think its said enough just how much music is packed into Smash Ultimate. Just 700 something tracks by default including both original songs and some remixes of those themes with full info on who composed it. All that could be it's own package.


I've been reading on other websites that the $5 atoms Bethesda is offering could be seen as a form of compensation for the false advertising. People who bought that collector's edition SHOULD NOT be accepting anything from Bethesda until the lawsuit ends.


Teaser trailer for the new FFXIV expansion is up. We got so much news from the keynote. New areas, new jobs, a new heavily teased race, and blue mage which is gonna be playable before the expansion in a new limited job role. Really exciting stuff for 14.


FFXIV got a new expansion announced. Looks dope.


I kinda sorta like the idea of Origin premier. I'd rather pay $15 to try out EA games vs. spending $60 on something I might not like. Like Redboxing it in a way. Going through BFV now and I'm installing Madden too. Think it's a pretty neato alternative.


Bed thought: The people who worked on horses spent a significant amount of time making sure the balls shrink. There were probably brainstorming sessions, testing, arguments, and work just to make sure the balls shrank and expanded on horses.


I'm glad people are voting. Midterm elections are so important. They shape the agenda in congress. That's the true now and that's true for the future. It's a shame that they typically have low numbers. Hopefully people can change their viewpoint on that.


You know fuck it. The physical version of Starlink with the Arwing is pretty dope and more cooler than I expected it be. I totally 100% know that I technically have an inferior copy of the game with less content, but the toy is dope and worth it for me


I don't think there's a NDA on Google's Project Stream. So yeah that looks pretty interesting. Think they have a winner with this thing. The worst of it looks like graphics takes a hit but framerate/inputs seems pretty consistent. Great beta so far.


Good Morning and happy Samurai Showdown day apparently


Anyone else really really like the fact that more games are coming out with a photo mode? I love it alot. Picture related.


Late to the Monster Hunter Switch train but it's cute as hecko.


In a world where Monster Hunter World didn't exist, I would've been hyped for a western release of Generations Ultimate. Now it's crazy how dated it feels in comparsion to World.


Only thing missing on the PC port of MonHun is the ability to switch between Xbox and PS4 icons (maybe Switch icons?). It's a great time otherwise.


If you wanna know how well your card can run Monster Hunter World, Rock Paper Shotgun did a pretty neato article on that. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/08/09/monster-hunter-world-pc-graphics-performance


Been waiting all year for DBZF at EVO and it’s lived up to the hype. Excellent finals and great match from Sonicfox.


BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle finals at EVO was wild. Heiho crawling from losers and winning grand finals was amazing. Never seen someone so into the zone in a video game before. He didn't even realize he won until his friends came on stage. Good stuff.


FFXIV collab is up in Monster Hunter. I love how many elements they were about to take from FFXIV and bring to Monster Hunter. It's so much more than I would have expected.


IGN has been doing a neato stream of the PC version of Monster Hunter. There's been a reddit thread saying the port has optimization issues, but the IGN stream has been running around at 1080p with a GTX 980, on high, at 60 fps. Really excited for it.


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