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This did not age well at all.


I will never get over Sephiroth stabbing Mario


Anyone still playing Miles Morales on the PS5? Check your updates! Devs pushed out a new one that adds another visual option. Performance ray tracing. Not as good as the one in fidelity, but ray tracing at 60 fps. Best of both worlds.


It still blows my mind that there's a successful scalper market for both the PS5 and Series X. I don't know nothing about the Series X, but I do have a PS5. The shit is not worth more than MSRP. Some folks are paying $1200 for it. That's so insane.


Anyone else kinda get a Gamefly account? $70 is just too much. Figure thats about as much as two months of a Gamefly and Game Pass. Feels like a better deal than buying a $70 game.


So that's the campaign for the Avengers done. For $20 that was pretty solid. You know I still feel if this game got at least one more year that it could have been real special. Think this could have been a neat alternative to Ultimate Alliance.


I decided to get the Avengers game on sale. Kinda whomps that the endgame isn't there. Some of the stuff they got going on is kinda neat. One of Iron Man's ultimates is a hulkbuster suit with shoot out rocket hands. I love it.


Black Ops Cold War is a weird game.


Playing through Cold War and parts of it really lean into stealthy spy stuff. Makes me wish that there was a FPS Metal Gear.


That's Miles Morales done. What a great game. Just a fun character.


I had no clue that the disc version of Miles Morales could be upgraded to the Ultimate Edition. NEAT. Remastered feels like a whole new game with a solid 60 fps. Fidelity is pretty, but I would rather have that 60 fps than ray tracing.


Really wish there was an Avenger's game with the same care, work, and love put into it like Insomniac's Spider-Man games. Both are so well done.


I didn't think the game with ants that are also strawberries would be endearing and oddly diverse. Did not expect to see the game with birds who are also pizza handle healthy same sex relationships better than most games out there.


The hype for that PS5 controller is real. It's like HD Rumble for the Switch, but on a whole other level. They had a little demo where your robots got into the controller and it really did feel like they were in there. It's wild.


Everyone is getting boxes. None of them filled with hentai. Shame.




I haven't seen those Pulse headsets around at all. Shame. Really wanted to get one of those on top of the PS5.


PS5 not supporting 1440p kinda whomps. Still got this 4K monitor here and we'll see how pretty those games look on that.


If we stopped the votes right now, Biden would win. That you got people outside these election offices demanding the vote be stopped is not only patently un-American, but downright stupid. I hope those clerks stay safe out there.


Today is Election Day in the US. If you're going out there to vote, please do be careful and try to stay safe. Things have been hectic lately and while I'm guessing everything for the most part will be ok, you never know. Have a plan to vote and be safe!


When IS Amazon gonna pull the trigger on those PS5 pre-orders? Haven't heard a thing at all about em from them. Hoping I still get one on launch week.


Crunch is never a necessity and almost always a failure of project management. Real shitty that it's so prevalent in video games today. Nobody should be working 100 hour shifts a week just for a video game.


You know what I feel like was a big misstep? Minecraft on the Oculus Quest. Was on Gear VR which just used your phone. Like it's so weird how they could never get that to work. Minecraft in VR is FUN too.


I want some weird shit like this. Feel like PC cases are either black or white and full of RGB. Gimmie that hentai case.


Just as a FYI, EVGA has implemented a queue system for the 30 series cards. If you're really looking at getting a 3070/3080/3090, might wanna head to their site and see what's up.


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