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The soundtrack for Hyrule Warriors does not get enough love. Just a perfect mix of Dynasty Warriors rock with Nintendo's classic Zelda music. It is so good. Like that right there? Makes me want to play Wind Waker again. Maybe it'll get a Switch port? lol


Mew2King winning the smash summit was so wholesome. What a great tourney.


EA: The video game industry needs to have tacked on multiplayer and loot boxes to survive. Single player is dead. Sony: Hold my beer.


Decided that instead of youtubing it that I just play through 3 before Dad of War. It is a wild game to play through. Why the almost 40gb download though?


DBZF is the amazinggg and high level play is the best right now. https://clips.twitch.tv/MagnificentAmericanNeanderthalThisIsSparta


Think my favorite thing about Monster Hunter World is how they streamlined alot of things without taking out any of the depth from the past games. I love it.


Oooo an update for those Monster Hunters on PC. Seems like work is continuing in the PC version and they’re aiming for an Autumn release. Neato.


Why I think Eververse is killing Destiny 2

The loot box system is one of the worst things to hit “AAA” gaming since horse armor. Not many developers or publishers seem to understand how to make them run well and most seek to just cash in on their player base without...


Roy Moore losing is the biggest upset since Rocky beat Creed. I know it's not a real boxing fight, but I just finished rewatching Rocky 2. What a great film. What a great victory for Doug Jones.


Activision is utterly shameless. Imagine taking something like a representation of Normandy Beach and turning it into a ‘social space’ to hawk out loot boxes. It is ridiculous.


https://twitter.com/Bungie/status/923357294628192256 If you happened to be one of the unlucky few that got banned on Destiny 2 (PC), your banned might be getting overturned. Just keep checking for more info.


Destiny 2 you can go on all kinds of raids and fight all manners of beasts. But I'm having a blast just playing soccer on the farm.


Video record is my feature new feature on the Switch. It can catch all those fun moments. https://my.mixtape.moe/vaxyil.mp4


Never did a splatfest before. It's neat how it comes off as a whole community event with a different lobby and everything. #teamvampire


Telltale fucked up and used the body of a dead Russian ambassador in their game. I'll add the photo inside because of its NWS nature.


Whenever BOTW's next DLC comes out, I'm really hoping that a portable cooking pot makes it in. It's weird that you have a plethora of ways to make a campfire, but only one way to cook!


What is even the point of DRM anymore when Denuvo gets cracked in less than a day? Heck it got cracked in less than 10 hours for Total War. It's more harmful to legit consumers and pushes more of them into piracy.


The thing that really surprises me as a new Switch owner is the lack of apps. It is really barebones. Not even an internet browser! I'm hoping the next Direct addresses that and mentions some apps. I'd love, at the very least, to have Netflix on it.


I give alot of shit about Destiny, but the PC beta has been going pretty well. Runs great and the freebie strike (dungeon) is pretty fun. Hopefully people give it a shot before it's over.


I'm glad that this eclipse got national attention. That everyone could do their best to inform others and take part in the viewing of this beautiful natural phenomena. It was fun.


We all about unpopular opinions now? Gears of War is shit. The whole thing is boring slop.


FFXIV dev team has really stepped it up in the theatrics department for savage content. It's one of the coolest things I've seen from a boss fight in the game. Spoilers and the video inside.


I look at Symphogear and think "Wow why isn't there a game of this yet? Why doesn't Platnium make a game of this anime?" It's right up their alley. #SymphogearSunday


Watching SDGQ and I'm just reminded how many great IPs Konami have that they are just letting rot. You could make a new Castlevania, Gradius, or Silent Hill and they'd just sell. Heck, they could go the Sega route and make PC ports. What a waste.


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