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Just turn the box on. The Hamilton box. You just turn it on and watch Hamilton and give it a watch.


If ya'll haven't already, give Hamilton a watch. It's the good stuff.


I'm hoping that Hamilton is the beginning of putting musicals onto streaming stuff. It's a real good time.


Wish that there were a bit more wrestling games about capturing the show part of it. Like it totally isn't a sport. It's a spectacle. Like No Mercy and games like All-Stars really did right with the over the top stuff. Need more arcade games like that.


FFXIV has such a fun community. There was a pride parade on the levi server and so many people showed up to support it. Went there to do the same and what a good time that was.


Humble Bundle pushed out a uh bundle to support organizations fighting for racial justice. Link in the post.


Really don't dig the two tone colors the PS5 is going for. Just looks weird in a bad way. A solid black or white version would make it look so much nicer. Aside from that, really dug the games that got shown off especially Demon's Souls.


Really hope that a Terraria 2 is on the shelf. Just love this game. Finally got back into it after all that bullshit with corona and beat the Moon Lord. Gonna grind out some weapons to eventually tackle expert and/or master mode. Just a fun game.


"Let me just set up an afk farm in Terraria. Won't take that long." That was 7 hours ago. I am a FOOL.


Controversial: "Don't put politics near MY games." Can we take this statement and throw it in the trash where it belongs? A good chunk of games are inherently political especially the big, story driven, AAA ones. You cannot get away from it.


You know to friends and family I'll share like silly pics and say we need more good news. More good news nowadays. But I don't think that's totally accurate. We need more good because it honestly feels like there's just so much bad in the world right now.


PSO2 has just been honestly the hardest game to play. Like I love it, but everyday there seems to be some problem just launching the game on PC. It's a real shame because it's fun stuff, but the launcher issues have just been a nightmare.


Never played XC on Wii so this has been a good time. The story has me more hooked than XC2 did. It's a fun ride so far.


Getting PSO2 and a XC Remake in the same year has been pretty rad.


I like a good hot sauce, but without too much of a spice. Too much heat ruins the flavor for me, so I like a good mix of taste and spicy stuff. Crystal is something I can pretty much put on everything. So tasty and the right amount of spice. #saucetoid


If you dropped cash money into the Wonderful 101 Kickstarter, check your emails! They started giving out those extra steam codes and the game is playable on PC now.


The crossover fans between Doom and Animal Crossing is always fun.


Beat FF7R and I thought long and hard about the ending and what it means. Gonna post a quick thought inside. This is about the end of the game so definitely spoiler territory. That's your warning.


If you happen to have Minecraft for Windows 10, and a Nvidia GPU that can do RTX, they released an update for a beta that enables some RTX features in Minecraft. It's nothing special, but purty neat to look at for funsies.


Green pipes forced me to jump in Super Mario Bros.


Love/Hate FF7R's combat system. Like there are times where it feels like a DMC game. But others where it's painfully clear that it is not. Biggest one is the lack of a dodge or block cancel.


Took a break to play Animal Crossing and was legit surprised that they throw you a birthday party in the game. How is this game so hecking cute?


Think I'll head to bed, but man it's such a nostalgia rush playing FF7 like this. Now do FF8: Remake you COWARDS.


Finally 12 am. Waited so long for this moment. Time to watch hentai.


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