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People kept comparing that Stranger of Paradise demo to Nioh and I realized that I have never touched that game at all. Some point must have redeemed a PS+ because it was in my account. God bless that past me. So much smarter. It’s really fun!


Holy fuck do I dislike having to rush to preorder these things. But I got em. Got me the amiibo and special edition. Sucks if you miss out by a second the only other place is ebay and its already over 200.


Feel like Stranger of Paradise is gonna catch people off guard when it releases. Combat system is neat and the soundtrack slaps so far. Just need some more fixes here and there to make it really stand out more.


Metroid fans finally eating good today.


idk who wants to hear this but the Stranger of Paradise demo is fixed and going if you wanted to check it out.


I want to like PSO2:NGS because it has a great aesthetic that I can dig. Namely space waifus. But it also released in such a bad state where I think if it were a paid product, there were be a huge uproar over how terrible it is.


Avatar got a game before Splinter Cell did.


When you find that first optional rift, that shit right there is neat. It loads from one level to the next instantaneous. Its amazing.


Was playing more of NGS last night and I really think they shoulda let it cook for a couple more months. Just seems so janky at times. Multiple crashes on Series X and graphic errors going on. But when it works, it’s kind of fun.


I think that Coco is probably one of the most influential vtubers out there. It’s wild to think that she’s graduating from Hololive.


I will never be happy with any redesign that doesn't include a hentai section.


Dartmoor is hands down my favorite Hitman level in the whole franchise. Just such a perfect microcosm of what they’re going for in the new games and just so packed with fun.


Without Berserk, there'd be no Souls games. No Bloodborne. No Dragon's Dogma. No Drakengard. No FFT. Miura's work has inspired so many people in and out the video game industry. It's sad to think that such an incredibly talented man is gone.


Hot take for the week: Git gud is lazy thinking and seems increasingly used to dismiss legit criticism against the accessibility of certain games.


I don't think I've done a bigger 180 on a game than with Returnal. Like the world premiere trailer looked all kinds of boring. Subsequent trailers and the game itself is fun as heck.


So Returnal so far is pretty dope. It should have been common sense, but aside from the roguelite/Hades stuff? It has a real big Metroid vibe to it going on and I'm digging my time with it. The price is kind of a bummer, but feel good about the buy.


Really hoping I can snag a physical copy of Returnal. One of those games I wish had a collector's edition. Looks neat. If not, oh well. Guess digital it will be.


If anyone is especially bored, there’s a digital event for Monster Hunter happening today. In fact, in about 25 minutes. Probably gonna have news about Monster Hunter Rise and Stories.


Well shit. Don't gotta worry about Returnal. Thought was gonna get overshadowed by Nier and/or Village. Currently the #1 best seller on Amazon for PS5 games. Seems poised to sell like crazy. Can't wait for the reviews on that.


It’s weird that Jet Set Radio Future never got a re-release. One of the few titles that doesn’t have backwards comparability too. Shame. It’s a great game.


I feel bad for the team behind Returnal. Don’t think there’s been much marketing on it, full price $70 games, and feel like they gotta compete with both the Nier remake and Village.


This whole thing with Sony delaying Monster Hunter on PC and it being a total bullshit is a good example of why folks gotta stop getting their news from social media.


John Garvin is full of shit. That's the quickpost. Gonna hit the post button right now.


They got me. I’m gonna give Apple Arcade a shot for Fantasian. God I don’t think it’ll last that month though. I mean this in the kindest way possible. There is just a deluge of shit on this. I would rather have directly paid for it vs a Apple Arcad


That urgent Mizutsune quest seems to be a real wall online. Seen so many triple cart on that. An-oh uh. Well shit while I was writing this just got a group that cleared it lmao. Either way, Rise is starting to get harder here. Love it.


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