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I miss going to the movies. Like I'm usually a home body so for most of this whole thing it's been about normal for me, but man I would look forward to watching a movie in the weekend. Sucks, but that's just how it'll be for now.


Hot take: Doom Eternal is closer to DMC and character action games than it is to Doom (2016) and fps games.


Probably been said before but holy hell fuck marauders. Like I love the idea behind them, but still holy hell are they tough to beat.


One of my favorite improvements to Doom: Eternal is the environmental design. Before it felt like they were small, indoor, areas/arenas. Now there's some big open spaces that look amazing.


If ya'll haven't already, the Resident Evil 3 demo is up and up on every platform.


Digital Foundry does a neat tech break down of the new Xbox. Thought that after seeing the insides and how packed everything is there that it would run hot. Thing has a monster of a heat sink inside it. Very interesting breakdown in general.


My city has a pawn shop that sells consoles and games really cheap. Noticed they had a Xbox One there for $140. Got another 15% off due to a St. Patrick thing they're doing so it came up to $126. Can't wait to try it out.


I know they're made for TVs but man I wish consoles supported more resolutions. 1080p or 4k is so limiting. Give me that 1440p you COWARDS.


If some folks were looking for a VR headset for the new Half-Life. Just happened to noticed that the Samsung Odyssey+ is on sale again for like $230 on Samsung's store. It's a really good alternative to the Rift/Index if you were looking to get one.


Think all the tech stuff with next gen is neato. Think the most underrated feature is gonna be SSD. For gamers that play JUST on console, it's gonna blow their minds how wicked fast everything is gonna load.


For folks with Game Pass, and for people that dig those Dead Cell/Binding of Isaac style games. ScourgeBringer is on that and it's DOPE. Surprised no one's talking about that. It is that good good shit especially if you dig platforming rogue-like games.


Anyone else happen to catch the Red Bull tourney for Dragon Ball FigtherZ? Such a great tourney and such a great atmosphere from the FGC. But where is that UI Goku? They've been teasing it and I'm here for it.


FFXIV peoples. There's a new trailer out for the next big patch and it is hefty. New MSQ, new trials, new raid, and a heck of a lot of everything. Might be a tiny bit spoilery if you haven't beat Shadowbringers yet so uh this is the warning for that.


AGDQ is about to hit a record high and hit 3 mil. What a great charity they do each year.


For those with VR headsets, give Beat Saber a shot lately? Aside from uh Green Day, they added a new thing. 360 and 90 degree levels! Feels like a whole new game with that in. They're super fun and add a whole new dynamic to Beat Saber. Link inside.


Kind of surprised this didn't come up here. Facebook made a purty big acquisition today and got themselves the Beat Saber devs. I mean I guess depending on how you view Facebook that could be a bad thing, but I'm hoping it leads to a deeper playlist.


I finally caught that Gigantamax Butterfree. For some people that was probably easy, but holy hell I've been trying since day 1.


If folks happen to have an Oculus Quest, Oculus Link launched their beta. It allows you to connect a usb-C cable to the headset to your PC and run it as a kind of PCVR. Not as good as the Rift S, and its janky due to it being a beta, but it's a neat thing


Hot take: Pokemon Sword/Shield didn't deserve the negative reaction that it did. Not trying to sweep away totally valid, and level headed, criticism, but it didn't deserve the kind of nasty reaction it did.


With so many FFXIV fans on here, thought that ya'll should give the ultimate race a watch. The latest patch brought in a new ultimate fight featuring bosses from Alexander. Gonna add a link inside for those interested.


I'm guessing that there'll be an eventual price rise, but I can't imagine not paying for game pass. Shit is legit as hecko on PC.


Death Stranding is a weird game. Thought I'd hate it, but I really don't wanna return it to redbox. It's a good weird and a really unique, fun, game. Pokemon and the new Star Wars comes out this week too. Gonna be hard choosing between one of those.


idk how I'll end up feeling about Death Stranding, but that engine tho? The Decima engine looks amazing here. Any future projects they make will look stellar if they keep up with that quality. Just hoping that when it comes to PC, it'll run well.


I'm almost positive that Kojima has a hat that he puts made up words into and then just pulls them out to describe stuff. I have to put out the q-pid to connect the knot so that I can expand the chiral network while soothing BB to avoid the BTs and STAHP


Oh that's a bit of a surprise. I figured with 505 games being the publisher they'd haul Death Stranding to the Epic Game Store. Apparently, it's getting a simultaneous launch on both Epic and Steam. Links inside.


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