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Pretty accurate mashup. It only needs those machines who burn you to death.


I finally reached Hogwarts if Voldermort killed Harry in Elden Ring, go through the first set of stairs and got blasted by magic attacks. Guess i need more levels!... again!


I forgot that they announced a re-release of this game too. It's kinda rubbish as far a fighting game, but man it has style and funny characters aplenty. And it's freaking JoJo! The original was release before JoJo became mainstream, so it's a good pick.


im looking for mild spoilers, i think, but anyone knows the use of these statues in Elden Ring??


god dammit, i stop playing Elden Ring after the 12 time Crucible Knight killed me, go to twitter to chill, see some memes or lewd artworks and THIS is what you suggest me?!? Fuck off...


Turtle Necks, Octopus Ovaries, Lobster Eggs, Sea Fowl foot... im starting to believe Miyazake got into a very weird seafood buffet before Elden Ring.


Done with Stormveil castle. Thank god the boss wasn't an asshole to Margit levels of asshole-ism. I step into the next area to the north, and group of fire enemies burn me to a crisp. Guess i need more levels!


by now i think im craving some pickled turtle neck... it must be delicious!


Thanks Taterchimp! now that the algorithm knows that every week i see pictures of dystopian burgers, it present me this:


thankfully, after the last update Elden Ring runs much better. Enough for me to venture into the woods, get teleported and being one shotted by an enemy that did like 1000 damage to my character. Fun!


thank god twitter is not wasting time with this stuff...


Elden Ring runs.... fine on my mediocre setup. There are some weird slow dows here and there, but im loving the first hours of it. Magic seems very powerful so far!


Now that my hype it through the roof with the imminent arrival of Elden Ring, there is one small thing i want from the game. An amazing and dramatic OST. I mean, give me the feels like the first time i battled the Twin Princes from Dark Souls 3 again!


im seeing so many wild takes on Street Fighter 6... people are like "why are they announcing this when SF5 had his complete edition a few months ago"? bitch, SF5 is SEVEN years old! Capcom keep adding stuff to it all these years! is time for a new formula


hmmm... there is a hidden message in those Elden Ring chocolates. Minus an N.


l think if i had read Oyasumi Punpun like, 15 years ago, man it would have hit way harder than it did now. It's still pretty brutal though. Not recommended if you like being happy for the rest of the day!


I can finally get which one has the curvy ladies. Maybe i should give the franchise a try now that i own a Switch.


i went to the Eshop store with the intention to try some new demos, and ended up buying Powerslave and the Valis Collection. Man, that's the reason i love the Switch. Old games being re-released on it.


alright, even if i've played them before im down for LiveAlive and Front Mission 2. That engine was made to resucitate old RPGs.... i'd kill for a Phantasy Star 3 made with it.


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im currently being held hostage by gacha games, mainly Fate Grand Order and the top tier waifus it included. But Azur Lane is making a point too!!

Nier Automata is my favorite game of 2017. A game that surely will be on the list of my favorites ever from now on.

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